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Posted on December 15 at 6:33 p.m.

I think we should all thank Kathy Ellen for having introduced logic and reason into the discussion at hand. If one were to follow the points Kathy Ellen makes, then the arguments of the likes of Ken Volok would fall moot. But, expecting that from Volok is too much to ask for, because he and others of the same mind are blind-folded to the facts that they do not want to know about. So, dear readers, I can only suggest that if you are interested, please dig into the facts yourselves rather than succumbing to the one-liners and senseless comments such as “fun facts” referring to people losing their lives. If indeed there was an Armenian Genocide, it certainly would have been plainly evident by now- that is, close to a century after the horrible events of the First World War. For example, you can visit,, or, a site formed by “Concerned People To Set The Record Straight.”

On Not Genocide

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