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Posted on May 17 at 11:20 a.m.

Commentor "Yojamey" nailed it.

The article serves as an excellent example of hidden agenda journalism. Take an omni-relate-able story of human hardship and a paradise waylaid and hijack it for good 'ol half-the-facts activism. I think we can all agree that author Sam Kornell performing a very public if not televised auto-castration would far better demonstrate both his climatic concerns AND his unflinching commitment to a "viable" solution than did this article. As is now, I really didn't get the feeling the Author had any skin in the game.

Back to nature is truly in the best interest of us all. And moderation in everything - especially moderation. But to out one for not being as globally enlightened as oneself is a fail. Live your ideal and teach by example and they are much more likely to follow.

There was so very much to learn from the Native Americans that truly managed their natural resources. And there still remains much to learn from them. Fires are natural. Fires can be useful. Forest mismanagement / under-management / non-management results in natural fires of unnatural proportions. Fires that burn so violently, and with such over-fueled intensity that it leaves an unsustainable landscape scorched deep into the topsoil.

Redirecting "sustainability" away from new mercury-fortified light bulbs and similar inanity and toward management of the flora overgrowth in most every biome - starting with the coastal sage and chaparral from La Jolla to Monterrey - might be timely and wise, particularly for Zoe's fam's newly re-erected digs.

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