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Posted on September 20 at 9:14 a.m.

I doubt we will find the answer to this in the debunking websites and search engines; I've looked and only wish it was there.

-here are 2 revealing video clips in which one can pretty clearly see the explosives going off.
**This bottom one was shot while the cameraman was
running so it has been stabilized by holding the building
steady and moving the frame.

It is the massive cores that were in the towers which makes the official story impossible because each could hold up several times the weight of the entire building.

The top of any structure bears the least amount of weight.
How does anyone imagine that, for example in the case of the North Tower which was hit on the 95th floor, that the top 15 floors of this building could crush and so thoroughly destroy (and send it flying in all directions) all the rest of that hard cold structural steel at virtually freefall speed?

'To believe the official story requires that you believe that the steel frames of these buildings provided virtually no more resistance to the falling rubble than did air.' -jim hoffman.

On Twin Towers, Twin Myths?

Posted on September 20 at 9:13 a.m.

Authorities conducted a comprehensive 2 year search for victims by looking through the tons of smaller debris that was carted to Freshkills Landfill in Staten Island. (*how Popular Mechanics tried (and failed) to debunk that the fact that the structural steel was shipped directly from ground zero to overseas recyclers with no investigation)

At Freshkills Landfill they spread the smaller debris out on conveyor belts which then moved past a line of attendants who worked to cull out any body parts they could locate by hand.

Despite this prolonged search and the use of advanced DNA recovery techniques, there remains almost 1100 people completely unaccounted for. 200 DNA tests matched a single individual. Only 70 of the 343 NYFD personnel killed were located. Keep in mind many people were idndtified from test tube size pieces.

The WTC 1&2 debris field:

-"Evaporated"* steel documented by government scientists: FEMA BPAT (may 2002) Appendix C: A limited Metallurgical Examination

"The results of the examination are striking. They reveal a phenomenon never before observed in building fires: eutectic reactions, which caused "intergranular melting capable of turning a solid steel girder into Swiss cheese." The New York Times described this as "perhaps the deepest mystery uncovered in the investigation." -Jim Hoffman

"A one-inch column has been reduced to Half-inch thickness. Its edges--which are curled like a paper scroll--have been thinned to almost razor sharpness. Gaping holes --some larger than a silver dollar--let light shine through a formerly solid steel flange. This Swiss cheese appearance shocked all of the fire-wise professors, who expected to see distortion and bending--but not holes." -WPI

*thermite has two main components, a fuel and an oxidizer.

-The Fires that could not be extinguished.

How do we explain the fires that would not go out?
For months they poured water on the much that they were creating a lake in lower Manhattan,
and still it burned. finally being extinguished on December 19th or 20th.

So there were office fires that were on the upper floors of the towers. And in the cores, where the stairs were and where people escaped and surived? No, there was no real fuel in the core)
The towers then exploded into dust sending it's structural elements and contents flying for hundreds of feet. Up and out like canon shot, pulverizing contents and concrete.
Fires then burned underground for over 3 months. What exactly was it that was burning underground for so long?

On Twin Towers, Twin Myths?

Posted on September 20 at 9:12 a.m.

Despite the amount of nonsensical and pseudo-scientific claims made on most (not all) 9/11 truth websites, such as; no plane theories, space beams, pods under planes, etc) there remains a large body of evidence that is highly compelling and firmly established.

No one has satisfactorily explained the speed and symmetry of all three high-rise "collapses"

-The explosiveness of 1& 2

-WTC7's perfect implosion
NIST was finally forced to admit freefall did in fact occur after stating unequivocally again and again on video that freefall was "impossible" because even a weak structure has some support. David Chandler (ae911) pointed out that the video shows freefall.

The fact is whether it was freefall or 50% slower is irrelevant. Even a single intact vertical column in that building would have caused an asymmetrical collapse.
Only explosives (NIST's 'a new phenomenon' is a fantasy)

NIST scientists should be ashamed - they are taking part in covering up mass murder and treason.
Otherwise they would have simply tested for explosive residues, as the law demands and put all this to rest.
They would released their modeling inputs, the molten metal, etc.

The 47 story WTC7 reduced to a neat rubble pile 2-3 storeys high in 6-7 seconds

-The melted steel
Dr DR Griffin documents some sources in this excellent article:

-The lateral energies.
So powerful that they sent steel beams and debris flying blocks away from the World Trade Center yet many of the sub-level spaces remained intact.

-The Dust Clouds:
WTC 1&2 created thick clouds whose massive size and cauliflower features are indicative of extremely powerful releases of energy. Pyrcolastic flows are usually associated with volcanoes but are also seen in explosive demolition,

-Missing Bodies: People were blasted apart and evaporated.

One family got back their loved one's femur bone which had been located '2.5 blocks away' from the WTC .
That is more than well over 1000 families got back of their loved one's remains of which no trace was found.

Not counting the 122 people on flights 11 & 175 there were approximately 2,630 people killed in the WTC.
Keep in mind that falling debris killed many people on the streets and these probably account for most of the approximately '300 intact bodies' found.

On Twin Towers, Twin Myths?

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