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Posted on March 20 at 1:08 p.m.

Dear Idt5662,

There is a group formed to support all the people involved. Families were hurt , children were hurt and student/athletes were hurt. We have had a difficult time reaching the former tenants who were evicted. We already know coaches brought players by the 130 S. Alisos months before the season started. This contradicts comments made by A.D. who is refusing to meet with our group. We want to confirm the eviction dates were set to ensure football players could move into apartments when the season started. Our group would like to confirm with tenants when they were evicted and who they were. We plan to set up a fund to help all individuals. If President Serban is going to support the treatment of Santa Barbara citizens in this manner then we will continue our mission. Could you please ask the evicted tenants to email us! Please know we will prove all the allegations and force the football program to admit to the wrongdoings. We also will attempt to raise funds for all the individuals affected.
Concern Citizens

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