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Posted on April 19 at 10:54 a.m.

This was a beautifully written piece from waking to waking and a compelling portrait of the black cloud and silver lining that life can bring. Thank you for sharing it!

There seems to be so many more abused persons than the numbers indicate. Maybe I just meet more, but from the look in peoples' eyes it seems there are more in fact.
Eder, I thought to be female early on and I'm guessing that others thought the same. The twist added to the impact of the story and made me double take the effect on either gender. Horrendous either way...
The greater and overarching twist to the story is that seemingly bad events/circumstances can lead to excelled growth.

The picture illustrated is perfect and added to the power of this elegant, eloquent communication.

I hope the world has a similar story in general - we've got the tragic part down pat.

On Letting Go

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