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Posted on January 15 at 2:15 a.m.

Most of you people leaving comments are hypocrites!! judge yourself for the things youve done before you pass judgement on another. im a armord truck robber and i knew Ben Greenspon on the streets of SantaBarbra while i was taking a break from hitting trucks, spending some of the money i stole. I found Ben to be a very good friend and person . If you havent lived the lifestyle of being on the other side of the law then your opnion means NOTHING! i dont see you crying about the people killing for the better good of america , the countless children slaughtered over the years over oil so you can drive your car to work , no , you have to put two cents in on one person who decided to do something you will never understand because most of you are to scared to step out of line. sheep! Most of you, not all but most of you need to keep the hole below you nose shut because when you open it and express your opinion it shows how stupid you really are .

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