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Posted on June 26 at 6:57 p.m.

From residents of the apartment complex:
The man allegedly slipped and hit his head when climbing the fence into the pool. This combined with the alcohol probably proved to be fatal. The appartment complex has closed the pool indefinately for all residents which is angering many residents because they pay EXTRA rent to be able to use a pool. The real tragedy here might not just be the accident, but the fact that this kids life could have been saved:
What shocked and disturbed many residents is that some of the drunk party goers were giving the man CPR when the EMT's arrived. The people doing it had no idea what they were doing and the EMT's just stood by and watched. Bystanders were yelling at the Medics to help but they just waited for police to arrive because they said they couldn't jump the fence. I thought EMT's were supposed to save lives not just watch idiot kids trying to do their job for them. This is shameful and someone should notify their supervisors because people should not be dying before the very eyes of those supposed to and obligated by law, to render aid.

On Man Dies Following Post-Solstice Party in Westside Pool

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