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Posted on August 2 at 4:59 p.m.

Hi, my name is Blake and many of you readers probably own some CUTCO thanks to me. When I started showing CUTCO my experience was a bit different then most due to the fact that I am legally blind. This meant that my experience lacked two important things: a training manual and a car. Yet my manager Monica Israel didn't give up on me and now, two years later, I've sold over sixty thousand dollars in kitchen knives, earned a corporate scholarship to help with school, won trophies and awards, gone on amazing company trips, made life-long friends, and interviewed and trained other sales reps and am a completely different (hopefully better) person because of it. So, when I hear Vector talked about like some big bad scam, my blood boils and I feel it's my duty to handle these accusations. I'll begin by giving those who don't know some insight into the Vector opportunity because the job is unique to say the least. Showing CUTCO is something that requires independence, self-motivation, and work ethic and I think most of us can agree that these qualities are not as common in the 18-21 year old demographic as one might hope. Working with Vector, you must set your own schedule, generate your own appointments, and take responsibility for your own business and I personally am proof that if you do these things, you will succeed. Now let's try to figure out why anyone would hold these misconceptions. The story that I've seen play out again and again is the new rep starts showing CUTCO, doesn't put in the work necessary to be successful (i.e. scheduling appointments, showing up to training), gets discouraged by his/her results, blames the company, then quits and labels Vector a scam. This sad story, I feel, is the entire reason for Vector's bad reputation. Anyone who thinks otherwise can feel free to contact me personally by phone or email and I'll be happy to explain myself further.

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