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Posted on February 14 at 12:18 p.m.

in your forgiveness you have set yourself free! Bravo to you for finding the strength to forgive. We are all but mere humans and to rise above in faith is the message of our Lord. Fr. Mario obviously had demons he never confronted and instead perpetuated so many wrongs that to many are unforgivable. You are showing the grace that we all should strive for! Thank you for sharing with us all. I grew up in the St Anthony's parish and have struggled with my memories of all the wonderful days spent on that campus as a young girl...and have struggled with the reality that so many of the boys I grew up with suffered in silence. I have spoken with many of you and have been told that most of them had no idea this was happening to boys like yourself. This has caused confusing feelings of guilt in us all....

Your forgiveness is a message of how we all have capacity to forgive as our God and his teachings show

On Mario (Walter) Cimmarrusti, OFM: 1931 - 2013

Posted on July 6 at 10:56 a.m.

just another monopoly in Santa Barbara~!!! what happens to the independent Drs who dont want a single choice for their patients? Just sayin! First Cottage, now Sansum flexing muscle. Which one will be king of the hill? Problem I see is patients become a number and loose choice of independent physician care. There are other oncology and nuclear Dr's in Santa Barbara

On Sansum Clinic and Cancer Center Join Forces

Posted on October 29 at 5:24 p.m.

when you walk at the harbor every day you get to know and say a cheerful hello to those that you see each day. Recognizing this microcosm of SB when someone you see each morning is suddenly gone, you notice! Ray always gave a little grumble if he was deep into one of his beloved books, other times it was a hearty good morning. he was ragged and dirty and appeared older than his years, but his eyes showed his true age and the kindness that was his spirit. May you be resting in peace...we will all miss you at the harbor!

On Lendell Ray McDowell: 1954-2010

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