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Posted on May 22 at 9:23 p.m.

I want to personally thank those of you who recognize the necessity and benefit of medicinal marijuana! Prohibition has never and will never be the answer! I encourage everyone who understands and supports Medicinal Marijuana to continue to fight for us! Equally as important, is the ongoing education of those who fear what they do not know! The toughest fight we have ahead of us is not those who have been misinformed, but those who know nothing about our cause! Education, the truth and compassion are our greatest tools! Let's please use our heads and our hearts to get the message out! Thanks again, for your love, understanding and commitment to this life changing cause. Without you, we fight this fight sadly and alone. May God Bless all of you who stand beside us! I know that together we can make a change! United we stand! My heartfelt appreciation to all of you! Sincerely,

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Posted on May 17 at 10:34 p.m.

I just want to say Thanks to Citizen X! Your posts are awesome! I am behind you 110%! You are an informed and educated citizen! I admire your perspective! I hope that someday we will meet and fight this fight together! You really are an incredible person and inspiration! Thanks so much! May Your Higher Being (if you have one) encourage, enlighten and inspire you! You have affected me and so many others! I pray that the Forces of Justice are with you to protect and guide you each step of your way! Go get 'em!
You are so admired, loved and encouraged!!! You will change the world as we know it! Thank you!

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Posted on May 16 at 11:20 p.m.

@AZ2SB: Thanks for the comments. We encourage everyone to post their ideas, solutions, changes and ideas! This is NOT an issue soon to retire! We all will be fighting this fight for years! So, Don't give up, Don't surrender your power! This fight is bigger than we are individually! This fight is for all of US, all of us who have been diagnosed and endured! All of Us who WILL BE diagnosed and persevere! ALL of us who have a loved one, who will or has been diagnosed! This FIGHT is for ALL of US! No one will be left unattended... We need to unite, here and now! We need to grab each other's hands and walk calmly, surely, confidently into the eye of the storm! We need to band together and make a difference in this crazy world! We all need to fight this fight, TOGETHER! Thank you all for your love and support! With our dedication, strength and confidence... CHANGES WILL BE MADE! Stay strong, stay dedicated.... our love and determination will never falter! <3<3<3<3

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Posted on May 16 at 8:49 p.m.

@ Ken and GluteousMaximus: Thank you for your posts and support! We really need to fix this inequity we are facing! God willing, I have A LOT more fight in me! Please, can we brain storm this situation and ACTUALLY do something about it? Lately, besides concentrating on my survival, "I got nothing but time!" Let's unite our time and dedication to this most honorable cause! Are you both in? <3<3

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Posted on May 16 at 8:13 p.m.

@sez_me: You are so right! I am a nearly 50 year old, female, 3 time cancer SURVIVOR! The insensitive opponents of Medicinal Marijuana Dispensaries (both Federal and State wide) have never seen one of their LOVED ones suffer through the side effects of chemotherapy! They have never witnessed the relentless vomiting and pain that begins to start immediately after leaving a chemotherapy facility! These insensitive "Holier than Thou" know nothings have never watched someone they love call out in agony, pleading to God to make THIS go away! I challenge every opponent to go to your local Cancer Institute, Cancer Care Facility, Chemo Facility or HOSPICE CARE Facility.... WATCH the suffering that these people endure! Stay there, hold their hands, comfort them, AND then and ONLY THEN will you realize that medicinal marijuana does NOT promote crime, devaluation of commercial property, deface neighborhoods, or cause the American way of life to be compromised! The current Federal laws are archaic! Those laws do NOT represent or encourage the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness! This Federal Law strangles those of us with the want and will to live! This same law forces me, a Law Abiding Citizen of this great State of CA and of the United States of America to turn to the very avenue of illegal distribution they are trying to prevent! I need MY MEDICINE! Yes, Medicine! And don't ask me to grow my own!!! I am NOT a horticulturist! I have never been able to keep a house plant, ANY house plant longer than the 90 days of life guaranteed by the florist, or nursery! I can only imagine the education needed to supply quality medicinal marijuana to those of us in need! If you need your pants hemmed or your hair cut, I'm your girl! I need my medicine grown by a professional, who, like me, has the best interest of his clients first and foremost! I will be checking back in shortly! I invite all thoughts and feelings about my post!

On Dope Days Are Over?

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