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Posted on March 31 at 9:55 a.m.

Not positive, but I believe that the artist recycles all of the beeswax....

On <i>Swarm: A Collaboration with Bees</i> at Lotusland

Posted on May 3 at 8:32 a.m.

I would not hold the property owners responsible. We all knew we lived in a "High Fire" danger area.
My heart goes out to the couple who got burned. I remember hearing that they thought they had time to shower, before they fled. Does anyone else remember that?
I think that their anger and law suit is misdirected. What happens to the young adults who were trespassing, and playing with fire?
Those that actually caused the fire that burned our homes....?

On Burn Victims Agree to $6 Million Settlement with Tea Garden Owner

Posted on November 15 at 9:29 a.m.

What a poignant read. Thank you.
My home was only slightly burned, most of my belongings remain in tact. Yet I too was caught up in the chaos of the aftermath; the feelings that come and go.
You said,"We became distant from all who had known us, reclusive, mistrustful, reticent and strange."
I feel the same. My life, my friendships, my world will never be the same.
The re-growth on the hills, as well as my soul, continues...

On What I Learned from the Tea Fire

Posted on October 24 at 10:30 a.m.

I just used Tea Tree oil for a few months and the nail grew back perfectly. I put a drop on each nail every day....

On New Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails Available on the Central Coast

Posted on October 24 at 10:17 a.m.

Out of all of these "unanimous" voters, there will be someone's life that is compromised, or a relative or friend's, and the only relief they have is marijuana. They will change their minds once they witness a loved one writhing in pain, too weak to crawl to answer the door for a food delivery, and once the food arrives, they have NO appetite. I'm happy to go underground to help a person, again. If you insist....
It will be on our dime. It will be a crime.
Where is the humanity for another? We will never understand each other's pain completely, but to deny relief to another, and ban their ADULT choice on how they want to live their life is arrogant and ignorant.
Not to mention, political!

On County's Medical Marijuana Ban Moves Forward

Posted on October 29 at 12:09 p.m.

All of this compassion for those who have lost YARD SIGNS,
yet NO compassion for those that are suffering with cancer, AIDS, MS and many more ailments that are alleviated by the use of marijuana?
(During the last election, someone pulled my Obama for President signs from my yard. Big deal.)

Your "consolation" that you will allow the sick and dying to grow his own, or hire a caretaker to do so, is an affront.

This is your solution for a stage 4 cancer patient?
To figure out how to grow, tend, harvest while they are weak and frail? Are you kidding? How horribly cavalier of you to suggest such a thing.

To be so closed-minded on this issue shows NO compassion.
What if you voted to ban all dispensaries, and your sibling or spouse was crippled with a terminal illness? What if the chemo left them weak with no appetite? What if the side effects of the pharmaceuticals cause more harm and discomfort? What if they begged for mercy, for relief, and marijuana could provide them with that? You would deny your loved one? I sincerely hope not.

Just because you, or your family's life has not been touched by such a tragedy, does not mean that others' haven't.
Do you deny that legitimately ill people deserve pain relief and comfort?
To endorse a total ban for those ADULTS who choose to use marijuana as a form of relief is arrogant, grandiose and controlling.

Children are not permitted in the dispensaries - so it is really a non-issue. Yet you are exploiting your children for the sake of an argument. Please take care in raising YOUR children.

By closing the dispensaries, you are forcing the "collectives" into neighborhoods. Protected by SB420, I may decide to open a "collective" in my home. And maybe I am your neighbor...
Don't cut off your nose to spite your face, you may be ultimately voting to pass something that will backfire on your plan to eradicate the use of marijuana. You should look in to those ramifications before you vote...

This issue is about adults using marijuana. About human rights. About one's choice in managing their pain.

The misery of an ill person, is not at all a concern in your arguments. One day it will be. It may be you that is relieved by the effects of marijuana....
but by then, it will be too late to apologize to those that you denied, that suffered needlessly because of your need to control.

By banning dispensaries, you are an active participant in the pain and misery of others. Can you live with that?

On Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's (No) Signs

Posted on August 5 at 12:59 p.m.

This bickering over tens-of-feet, is so unfair to these small business owners. Whatever they sell. They complied, invested, and now, because of this pro alcohol, and anti-marijuana argument going on, they are out?

The war on drugs is not and has not worked. Please check out, to hear another point of that is not fairly represented by those citizens against marijuana use. Drug lords are invading this country for big business. Supplying the demand...

I just hope those "upstanding" citizens that are listed above are willing to be accountable for the crimes, deaths, overcrowded prisons, possible poisoning of their children, friends and neighbors, who buy marijuana on the black market- full of pesticides, and the funding of Mexico's most heinous crime czars.....
Ignoring the repercussions of this proposed ban is foolish and uneducated.

On Suing the City

Posted on August 4 at 10:34 a.m.

"The men tending to the these marijuana fields, asserted LeGault, are all Mexican nationals. “Most of them are drug trafficking organizations based outside of this county,” he said."

Yet still we want to keep it illegal? In the hands of Mexican
Nationals...aka:Drug Cartels?

You can't have it both ways. Marijuana is so widely used by your friends and neighbors, prohibition is not working.
The "War on Drugs" proved to be a total mess...cops are at risk fighting these cartels, pesticides ruining our soil, eventually ending up in our Ocean...yet those who do not enjoy marijuana, or have a medical use for it, are not willing to look at the big picture?

Ignorance, and an unwillingness to admit the ramifications of keeping marijuana underground, and in the hands of drug cartels that are not going to go away, is what keeps the cycle of crime spinning out of control

check out:

An interesting take from those men and women on the front lines, fighting a drug war that is never-ending....

On Week of Weed-Whacking

Posted on July 31 at 7:44 p.m.

Regarding MY experience, opinion, letter:
I am and have been a contributing member of this community for 29 years. I am a former business owner and operator, a devoted volunteer, and an educated, responsible citizen. I am not high. I am not a slacker. I am 51 years old. I have no children. And I do enjoy wine.

I attempted to have a conversation with Mr. Nava, who initially contacted ME via the
internet, with his "Nava News" entitled, "SB Marijuana Dispensary Update", 8 months before he "terms-out".
I am not a journalist, nor am I politically savvy, but I'd like to know... Why we are ignoring the elephant in the room?
Marijuana is not going to go away.
If we maintain that it is a crime for adults to use it recreationally...we force them to find it on the black market, where they will be bankrolling the drug cartels, where the violence loop begins again...more pesticide use?...more crime? more violence?
Prohibition did not work. If marijuana has no place in your life, so be it, but please don't deny to another.
This is not about making it available to children, or having airline pilots fly while under the influence of any mind/body altering substance. This is about fair choices for adults who are in charge of what they put into their bodies.
That should be between each adult individual, and their physician.

As for my "15 minutes of fame", I can only assume that jab is in reference to me stating my full name on my letter. Let me explain why...I have decided to "OUT" myself, and stand up for what I believe in at the risk of judgement by those who don't agree.
I am willing to put a name to my voice, opinion letters, to open myself up for scrutiny on an issue
that I have reason to feel passionate about.
I chose to do this, as most of my peers cannot, fearing the loss of their jobs by "outing" themselves publicly for their views on, or reasons for, using marijuana.

I resent is the twisting of my mission.

I have been moved deeply by the deaths of friends and family due to alcohol and narcotics. Know and love people who suffer with PTSD, anxiety disorders and violent nightmares, who benefit with relief from their emotional/physical anguish, others with gastrointestinal disorders, who's nausea can be kept at bay, these situations are what drives me. My demographic is not fairly represented, due to possible repercussions by those opposed.

Pedro Nava's staff has the freedom to intimate that I am a liar. Adults have the freedom to get high on alcohol and prescription pills...both substances perfectly legal, with lobbyists heavily in the mix, possibly swaying our elected officials votes...but marijuana is the enemy?

This is hypocrisy. In My opinion.

~Jane Gail Copelan

On Smoking Out Legislator’s Position on Pot

Posted on June 21 at 3:01 p.m.

On the steps of City Hall, I heard a red-shirt shouting," IF YOU ARE SICK, TAKE A PILL".

Narcotics are not the only thing that can ease pain. Chemical compounds are not always the answer, not to mention the harmful side effects, and very possible addiction.

Marijuana continues to be listed as a "Schedule 1" controlled substance, along with Heroin and LSD!
Yet the science proves otherwise....

It is illegal, because of antiquated laws that come from a prohibition era of fear and hysteria.

Until you have experienced first-hand, the benefit that marijuana provides, or watched it give relief to dying family, or help a PTSD survivor quell the nightmares, or seen the positive change in a patient with MS, or have anxiety relief without becoming addicted to Valium, you really are not qualified to speak about the importance of keeping marijuana available.

Marijuana is obviously not something you need, or would appreciate.
But I hope, that if you are ever stricken with pain, cancer, PTSD, anxiety, MS or some other debilitating disease, that you may make your own choice for your own body,
and not be at the mercy of those who have no compassion or tolerance for you....
~Jane Copelan

On Illegal Drug Business

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