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Posted on September 22 at 1:03 a.m.

Be interesting to know the backstory on these poor people, journalists, and possibly enlightening. We all are headed that direction: to old age.

What really happened to create this scenario?

On Carpinteria Man Arrested for Attempted Murder-Suicide

Posted on September 22 at 12:58 a.m.

It is in far better taste than the prior administration eliminating habeus corpus and instituting the Patriot Act thereby partaking in what is commonly known as treason.

Did you not notice the press being tear gassed and maced then arrested outside the Republican convention, legally since the rape of our Constitution?

Politics of fear. Wonderful tool in the building of any fascist regime

Oh I get it, they lie to us in order to protect us.

On Artist Wants Liberals to Turn Other Cheek on McCain

Posted on September 19 at 8:49 a.m.

Having grown up in Goleta and lived through the huge negative economic as well as environmental impact of the rig disaster in the 60's it is incomprehensible that anyone would advocate more drilling here. Especially in light of the shipping lanes location, not to mention the huge number of negatives.

I know we tend to be a community of NIMBY's, but who would advocate channel drilling as a positive solution for the idiocy of our current national and global positions?

Ever see photos of what our coast looked like when OIl was allowed free reign? Right, more drilling.

Wind farms? May be ugly to some, but the alternative is far worse. Bird strike can easily be mitigated. Build it.

On Final EIR Released for Lompoc Wind Farm

Posted on September 19 at 8:35 a.m.

Let's hope that the DA's office sees fit to actually be judicious and not simply go in for the kill because "they can".

Sounds like the PD sure exercised restraint.

Hmm the parents? Hard to say, but I have little doubt that CPS is already looking into it. Hopefully all wind up in good shape as the dust settles on this.

On Hit and Run Suspect Cooperates with Police, DA

Posted on September 19 at 8:29 a.m.

The irony of her victims area of specialization, and her actions is quite vast. One can only wonder how she will pay for this. I am sure she will. No one does this and escapes without serious consequences in their own life.

Chilling thought, the raising of a child in this obvious nightmare of a life.

I would never want to be a judge. But then maybe the system has no way to be fair.

On No Prison for Pregnant DUI Convict

Posted on September 10 at 7:34 a.m.

I too enjoyed the perspective.

It is funny on the large view, the Palin thing, because she is living her parental decisions out in real time today, and her views on sexuality and birth control et al are being lived out by her children. She will get to pay for her choices as a parent of children raised in a household founded on those selections.

It is not that different from we as a Nation paying for our own choices. The parallel is fairly obvious. I doubt that many of us are enjoying our ride at the moment. She seems like a smart gal, I doubt that she is enjoying hers either.

We all get what we ask for ultimately. She DID raise her hand.

On None

Posted on July 7 at 9:23 a.m.

Great piece and part of an excellent string of stories covering our community. The journalist poses a question and gets an appropriate science based answer. I am most definitely not prone to the Chicken Little modus that Gore uses, and neither was the author. I love the fact that we have journalists who pose questions.

Anyone with any education in physical science equal to that of a tenth grader knows changes occur over a broad span of geologic time. Often what we view as symptomatic issues, are merely hiccups, as big and scary and real as they appear to us who view them first hand.

I was up at Rancho Dos Pueblos last night and met some of the firefighters, as the Schultes hosted and cooked for them. We are incredibly fortunate to have men like this in fire service, and families like the Schultes in our midst.

On Gap Fire: A Sign of Global Warming?

Posted on June 25 at 5:20 a.m.

As a child I spent time at the Museum, then so did my children. Lived down the street for many years. In SB one does what one must, to survive as an organization.

I appreciate what Mr. Hutterer has to say and the fact that he was given a platform to respond. Though I am definitely not a fan of partisan politics and certainly appalled by Mr. McCain and what we all know he would love to do to our offshore waters given a chance. So yes, I see the irony in all of this as well. But I can also see the wisdom in having him stand in the midst of our community.

Thanks for publishing Mr. Hutterer. The global POV is often lost in SB's infamous NIMBYist chatter.

On How Politics and Museums Mix

Posted on June 18 at 5:19 a.m.

Good on ya Barney!

It really is a sign of a changing world. We live in an exciting time as economic and social consciousness issues leverage the changes. With several car makers launching flex fuel hydrogen hybrids this year we seem to be steadily stepping away and out of old technology.

On <em>Citizen McCaw</em> Filmmakers Defy <em>News-Press</em> Owner

Posted on June 18 at 5:05 a.m.

I will always retain fond memories of Al. His many kindnesses to the community and to members of my family were a good example in a variety of ways. We will miss him. Thanks for writing about it.

On Al Steinman Dies Tuesday Morning

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