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Posted on April 29 at 4:43 p.m.

What am I missing, Santa Barbara?

People of Santa Barbara I need your help. Please tell me what is it about the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens “Vital Mission Plan” that does not make sense? I am stymied as to why a commitment to continuing an 80-year mission of research, while leaving virtually 99 percent of the Gardens undeveloped and improving fire safety for Mission Canyon is not applauded and embraced by all Santa Barbara residents.

It seems that many knowledgeable people think the Vital Mission Plan is a great thing for the Botanic Garden, and a benefit to our community. Both the Planning Commission and the Historic Landmark Advisory Commission agree that the plans for the Gardens are modest in scope and in keeping with the environment. The County Fire Department believes that fire safety will be improved for Mission Canyon with the implementation of the Vital Mission Plan.

What about the neighbors of the Botanic Garden? Well, it appears many of them support the plan as it introduces a cap on the number of guests that can visit the Garden each year. That is something new that comes with the Vital Mission Plan, which I’m sure the neighbors find very appealing.

So where is the rub? Is there something I am missing? Can’t I see the Forest for the Trees?

The benefits of the Botanic Garden’s plans far outweigh any negative impacts, especially because there are no impacts. Let’s allow this world-class environmental non-profit to continue their mission.

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