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Posted on August 28 at 1:51 p.m.


"There are only a handful of the population who use wheelchairs, so WHY then do we build ramps for them at public facilities and on every street corner and business entrance at taxpayer expense?"

FYI, access ramps are also used by parents with strollers, and are easier for the elderly to use. There are also some people that are a mix of handicapped/older, who can walk but use electric scooters. Also, the sloped parts of "every street corner" are also described as "curb-cuts", and are (arguably) safer and more navigable for fully able-bodied walkers.

I realize that you were not arguing against having them, but I just wanted to take a moment to spread a little extra knowledge.

On Bikes and Cars

Posted on August 28 at 1:34 p.m.


"I'd consider using up "their" oil before using up "our" oil."

I've always thought that the reason we held onto the Alaskan reserve is so that we'll have the last petrol available to power our war machines, while everyone else is dry. Not accounting for nuclear naval vessels, of course....

On another note, even if oil resources suddenly doubled, I would doubt that gas prices (and all other prices) would be reduced. However, big-block V8 engines might make a comeback.

On Former Mayor of Dish, Texas, Speaks Out

Posted on August 28 at 11:23 a.m.

I know this is a 'coming of age'-leaning article this week, but for any parent that would like to give their kids a slight head start on operating a vehicle--take them to Golf 'n' Stuff, or anywhere that they have access to a go-cart. Sure, it's not "real" driving, with all the rules and dangers, but it teaches the actual FEEL of making a vehicle go where one steers it, and in a way that video games don't--although, as stated in the article, games are good for awareness and object-avoidance training!

Btw, a decent way to learn to drive a manual transmission? Find a farmer friend to let them practice on a tractor. (Incidentally, using a tractor to learn how to back up a trailer is highly recommended as well, although not something most young drivers would need to do....)

On Road Hazards: Driving with My Teen

Posted on August 28 at 10:18 a.m.

So...I guess Sealion got banned?

On Let It Go? We're Trying

Posted on July 28 at 3:08 p.m.


"Sorry MS Mazzetti but you're way off, this was no sweet and loving animal."

Pit bulls tend to be *exceptionally* "sweet and loving" towards people/owners. Unfortunately, they also tend to be animal-aggressive (versus human-aggressive). However, even dogs that lean towards human-aggressive tend to be "sweet and loving", but possible only towards 1 person.

On Dog Killer

Posted on July 28 at 7:36 a.m.


"Violent dogs have no place in human society. They are a dangerous risk to human health and safety and a public menace."

The dog was classified as "dangerous", but the only statement in the article was that Kitti attacked and killed another dog. This makes her potentially dangerous to other dogs, but not necessarily humans. And, here is the point: DOGS WILL BE DOGS. I would say that the fault was with the owner, for not having control of their dog--allowing for an accidental off-leash situation to happen--but dog's do what their instincts tell them to do, and shouldn't be punished for it--unless, of course, their instinct is to randomly attack people, and even then I still defend that as instinct, and often what dogs are originally bred to do. [Google the recent attack on a jogger by two loose Cane Corso dogs, and then read about the breed.]

ASIDE: The breed(s) given of Kitti's lineage are "Boxer/Pit Bull/Terrier mix". And, while I usually hesitate to call an unseen dog a "pit bull", I also know that shelters tend to underplay "pit bull" heritage with dogs, so that people don't fear them based on the breed. However, the description here is ridiculous, as a Boxer is a Molosser decendent (like Mastiffs), and so are bulldogs....So, "pit bulls"--more specifically, "American Pit Bull Terriers" are a mix of bulldog and terrier to begin with. Adding "Boxer" and "Terrier mix" is a bit redundant, if the dog is an APBT. It's also likely that Kitti was an American Staffordshire, or an American Bulldog.

The Cane Corsos that attacked the jogger (mentioned above) are also decended of Molossers.

On Dog Mauled to Death at County Shelter

Posted on July 14 at 2 p.m.


"Enough with labels and categories...."

*cough* lib dems *cough*

On Transgender Pride

Posted on July 1 at 11:12 a.m.


" would also leave students uninformed and vulnerable."

While I don't disagree with the general logic in that statement, I also think that the concept of being informed has to be more of an active role, than a passive one--which is a price paid, to live in a "free republic". For example, Chris Rugg said that he had bad feelings about Rodgers, but did nothing []. If the roommates didn't feel right with him there, then the burden was on them to deal with it.

However, that said, in the case where it would seem to be gross negligence--such as there having been previous reports of Rodgers being violent or dangerous--then certainly there should have been some disclosure. Unfortunately, this would still be a far-from-perfect situation/solution, but not all equations can be solved simply.

[Note, in the interest of Full Disclosure: I actually had a "Nanny State"-style of reaction, while composing my post. While I avoided using that term, so as not to appear as being some kind of kneejerker, my thinking began to parallel at this point.]

On A Catastrophic Failure with Tragic Results

Posted on July 1 at 10:26 a.m.

@loonpt (OT)

"I actually don't think Democracy is a good political system because it allows the majority to oppress the minorities, I think government should be based solely on protecting individual rights, liberty and property. But if you are going to have a Democratic system then EVERYBODY should have a say."

I think that you already actually know this, but for the sake of clarification for those who may not--The country of the United States is not a democracy, exactly. It is a democratic *republic*. The government is a "representative democracy".

Some web-searching will provide far more detail, but the distiction is confusing, due to the term "democratic" being used as the modifier to "republic", as well as being the end-type, "democracy" for a governmental form. [see,

On The Nexus of Poverty, Education, and Economic Development

Posted on June 30 at 11:37 a.m.


"If Rodger was mentally ill, or under treatment with psychotropic drugs, at the very least his roommates should have been informed and allowed to veto the assignment."

I think HIPAA law restricts this. It falls into the gap between Personal Privacy and Public Safety. Unfortunately, it's simply not possible to equate "mentally ill", or "treatment with psychotropic drugs" (ignoring the "under treatment" part as opinion), directly with "dangerous", which is possibly the wiggle room that allows such "cracks" for people to "fall through", to dissect the cliche.

On A Catastrophic Failure with Tragic Results

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