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Posted on May 19 at 8:11 p.m.

I agree, Imeoriole.
So far, the only argument I have heard to not vote for 1F is simply, "It won't make a dent and won't change anything" Well, so what?? If it does nothing more than make a symbolic statement and allow the CA. citizens a collective moment of venting our outrage, then it serves more purpose than not. Such "gestures of contempt" are indeed satisfying! It seems an absurd statement to say, "It's silly and irrelevant , so vote no." besides, It takes no more effort or ink to vote 'yes'.
I was lucky enough to grow up here in SB during the late 60's /70's for my early education, and I can tell by the resources my daughter brings home and has available at her school today, that I was a pretty lucky kid. I had it good as far as school resources went. We had regular field trips, our OWN workbooks, small class sizes offering much more attention to the students, etc.
The number of "bake sales", "car washes" and other fund raising events that took up my daughters and our families weekends just to cover basic things like paper or crayons in the classroom made me sick.
To some of the other comments here--If you don't have kids, or flunked out of school because you didn't care or were unfortunate enough to have parents who didn't care, then I would expect you not to care that education is continually being cut and crumbling here in CA, however, there is truth to the cliche, "The children are our future".
As in family life, we, as a society, will get from our youth what we invest in them. If we neglect our children at home when they are young, you can be sure they will neglect you when your old. Same goes for California and it's children.

On Vote Yes on 1A, No on All the Rest

Posted on August 9 at 6:38 p.m.

Perhaps you should read the Authors Note at the beginning of this thread.

On Major Fire Battle Looms This Weekend

Posted on August 9 at 6:32 p.m.

I'm a 43 year local who grew up at the foothills near Lake Los Canaros and watched many fire fights from my front yard as a kid. I was also at Knapp's Castle when the smaller Paradise road fire broke out about the same time this one was starting so far away. Watching that fire from the start was an education, to say the least.
One thing that was immediately apparent is that the helicopters have plenty of water to chose from out there without taking the time and fuel to go to the ocean. The other thing was that incredibly harsh terrain prohibited just about anything but brute, manual force. The hills are steep. Bull-dozers can't get everywhere. The Air attack was effective on that small fire, but this is a different story. Anyone who has ever done any hiking in that area knows how grueling it can be in cool shorts and a light pack. I can't imagine what those firefighters are going through and the effort they are giving, but I do know they know a lot more about how to do it that most who have posted here.
I think we should all give a high five if not more to any firefighter or volunteer we see. KTYD is putting a big community " thank you" together for them, so keep an ear open and give the crew the support they deserve.

On Major Fire Battle Looms This Weekend

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