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Posted on June 1 at 5:34 p.m.

When Mr. Strickland said that the "real threat was not so much the reading on the Richter scale as it was the ground acceleration unleashed by the quake..."what he meant was that the relevant variable is how hard the ground shakes at DCPP not the more general and abstract Richter number. I take exception to Elaine's putting a sinister interpretation on that as "weaseling out" of anything at all. It is a matter of what, scientifically, the key focus should be.

Don: Regarding " misstatements in Ms. Swanson’s column , NRC assessed all104 nuclear power plants
How does that amount to having its head buried?

Elaine: "From my research it appears that when a nuclear reactor has leaks or problems, the NRC regularly downgrades requirements instead of requiring a fix"

Would you mind citing incidents of NRC downgrading requirements rather than requiring a fix? Please cite enough incidents to create a pattern of "regularly" doing so, or concede that you fell into the pattern of scapegoating nuclear power advocates.

On The Eyes on Diablo

Posted on May 27 at 7:51 p.m.

Nice to know we can get medical advice from the blogs.

On Lyme Disease

Posted on May 27 at 7:23 p.m.

The Rockin' Appalachian Mom Project (R.A.M.P.)

Appalachia is Rising Against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
by Karyn Strickler
I am a coal miner's great, great granddaughter. My grandpap Miller was killed in an Appalachian coal mine - and I am rising -- along with Appalachia Rising, a group in Washington, DC today to protest the devastating practice of mountaintop removal coal mining.... Read more

On It's About Timing

Posted on May 26 at 5:29 p.m.

Perception? Reality? Neither - Manufactured Illusion.

On Homeless Crime Wave: Perception or Reality?

Posted on May 16 at 6:54 a.m.

were all gonna die!!!!!!!!

On Diablo Canyon: How Safe is Safe Enough?

Posted on May 16 at 6:50 a.m.

The real issue the President should be addressing is not the birth certificate but rather whether Santa Barbara should pay fifty grand to reconfigure the benches on State Street. My Aunt Tilly nearly had a conniption when she saw a man in a Grateful Dead T shirt scratch his belly and burp. This kind of behavior is unconscionable. Where were the police when this happened? Obama should move on this issue before the electorate rises up...

On Right Off the Cliff

Posted on May 16 at 6:47 a.m.

Another typical piece of rabid propaganda from someone who obviously has never been to downtown Santa Barbara. It is a sign of the decline of a society when paranoid delusions become widespread. There are not now nor have there ever been "packs" of intoxicated menacing individuals. The above commenter is someone who would obviously be afraid to step off the bus in Los Angelos, Sand Francisco, Berkeley, San Diego or, for that matter, Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo, or Ventura.

On How to Deal with It

Posted on April 27 at 2:06 p.m.

So - Oil is Bad, Nuke is Bad, LNG Terminal is Bad. What does that leave us aside from the solar/wind drop in the bucket: COAL???? Fact is we ship tons of coal to china every minute...

On Deepwater Horizon Spill Anniversary Silent Protest and March

Posted on April 27 at 2:02 p.m.

Yes we need to let China and India take world leadership of this useful technology so that Americans can be reduced to slavish dependency, fighting over bench realignment and open container tickets as the Communist Party of China plans the next dozen Nuclear Power Plants, coal plants and wind turbine/solar panel industrial manufacturing facilities and hundreds of thousands of Chinese engineers graduate annually. Meanwhile American high schools have become defunct shooting galleries for crack dealer drive by's and Johnny can't read, write or add. But we need "empathy" because, see, Johnny's parents are cross addicted to pot, Marlboro's, booze, pill popping Oxycotin and poor dears must have their coke/smack/speed too. And so we can borrow money from the Chinese. Republicans are making sure that our national bond ratings sink so low that even if we wanted to build nuclear, or solar or wind or NG or oil, we would not be able to afford the necessary capital anyway...of course, millions will die from premature lymphomas and sarcomas and carcinomas from coal-fired pollution, global warming and yes even nuclear radiation from nuclear power plants in countries like Mexico and Venezuala and Columbia and Pakistan and Uganda where at least they don't have crazed anti nuclears gumming up the works - the local governments simply "disappear" protesters. But by golly SLOMFP et al will do all they can to shut down nuclear power in the good ol' USA - after all we, can buy power from the People's Republic of Nowheresville with whatever purchasing power the dollar may have left....

On Blakeslee Tees Off on NRC

Posted on April 27 at 1:54 p.m.

this is the other shoe dropping of when the West abandonded the Belgian-allied Katanga rebels, in the name of "decolonization". Refer also to the wonderful world of Robert Mugabe who converted "colonialist" Rhodesia into Zimbabwe, a madhouse of human misery overshadowed only by the "liberated" Congo in ruthlessness.

*************Cheer up,**************** there is more of this "Liberation" coming our way soon as the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hisbollah extend their freedom loving grasp over American allies in Lebanon, Egypt. and, of course, Israel. And Latin America is in the sights of the "anti-colonial struggle" with Chavez and his ilk linking up with narco-traffickers.*****************Just in case************ you thought there would be an American defense/response, don't you worry about a thing. The Congress is cooking up legislation to take guns OUT of the hands of law abiding American citizens so that they will only be IN the hands of thugs gangsters rap-artists and terrorists who will be able to buy and sell them like marijuana brownies at a reggae concert.************* Then in the name of "sensitivity" **************to the swelling, teeming masses, we will be asked to watch America go the way of Cuba, Haiti, Venezuala and central Africa as well-intended liberals pave the way for "anti-colonial" insurrection and the conquest of North America by its "rightful" rulers, the "non-aligned nations", the drug dealers, revolutionary Marxists and their supporters.

On ‘The Worst Place in the World to Be a Woman’

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