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Posted on July 21 at 10:04 a.m.

This is a perfect example of the evils of unbridled capitalism that does not look at the long-run or the big picture. Just trying to show some gains on a quarterly spread sheet for the shareholders turns perfectly good companies into slips of paper used by big corporations to basically give nothing and reap financial gains. Of course, this corporate rule of the country goes beyond partisan politics where the financial sector manipulates and rigs every segment of the economy to satisfy the greed of a few.
Territory Ahead was a quality brand that was set up to create clothing that was appealing for its classic style. Sort of like L.L. Bean except with lots more panache. There was also thorough attention to fit and the satisfaction of buyers in creating clothing that continues to be worn year after year. I have worn TTA apparel for years and absolutely love all of the clothes from shirts, pants, jackets and even accessories. It's a bloody shame some suit in an office thousands of miles away turned this wonderful place into a number to be crunched while people's lives are destroyed. Territory Apparel will not see a dime of my money.

On The Territory Ahead Sold to Massachusetts Company

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