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Posted on July 25 at 3:47 p.m.

Should we take it for granted that sea level rise is inevitable in the Goleta Bay? On a world-wide scale, the IPCC has been indicating such in every report for the last twenty years...and local environmental consultants that have been retained by the County, the City of Santa Barbara, and most every coastal city to date have indicated the same modeling and projections that the rise along the CA coast will be a mean value of 26" by 2050 and a mean value of 55" by 2100. But let's look at the recent historical data from NOAA (web site attached: ). Since 1973, the Santa Barbara Channel has risen an average of 1.25 mm/year. That's about an 1" over 30+ years.

Some content that good public policy and taxpayer dollars should not be implemented on speculation that's not supported by evidence. In addition, there are many other factors that should be weighed in calculating mean high tide lines in a specific coastal region: natural coastal processes of sand deposits, seismic uplifts, beach nourishment programs, etc. We hope our County decision makers take note of all the facts and data relating to how best to protect and preserve Goleta Beach Park. Someday the seas might inherit the earth, but until such time, lets enjoy this 29 acre park and its amenities to it's fullest.

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