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Posted on June 13 at 12:18 a.m.

Ken Oplinger says he got along in liberal Bellingham but maybe thats mostly selective memory on his part. The majority of people in Bellingham and Whatcom County were glad when he left. He spent much of his time lobbying for a special interest of his which is the proposed Gateway Pacific coal terminal project at Cherry Point WA. Cherry Point is a beautiful area right on the Puget Sound and SSA Marine is hoping to build and run a 48-54M ton yearly coal terminal. Our area here in Whatcom County has wonderful natural resources which are sure to be seriously degraded by a 48-54M ton coal terminal. This same coal terminal would use 1.9 billion gallons of warer yearly to spray on the coal storage piles. I know you Californians understand the huge concern that water supply is so Im sure you can imagine our horror at the idea of that terrible waste of our Nooksack river water. I wonder why Oplinger during his first week at his new job in Santa Barbara would still be writing an Op-Ed published June2nd in a local (WA) Everett Herald newspaper instead of concentrating on his new Chamber job in Santa Barbara? Does he get paid for all this extra curricular work that he continues to do? I'm taking the time to write this because his new city should be warned. Oplinger's efforts helped to split and divide our community here so be ready for that now that he's in your town. I'm sure he has been brought there for a much bigger reason than what it seems on the surface. Maybe fracking or some issue like that to lobby on behalf of corporations. Good luck Santa Barbara. You have a beautiful city and coastline so please protect it from those who want to put corporations before people.

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