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Posted on September 23 at 12:09 a.m.

I feel blessed to have known you if even for these few short years, Michelle. You were my mentor, my guide in "the trenches", while working side by side with us in service to neglected and abused children and their families.

You were an inspiration to so many of us, Michelle. It's difficult to fathom the impact of your life in service to others, but we recognize your spirit will carry on forever in the hearts and minds of so many.

May your family and loved ones grow through their grief over your sudden departure from this world, and thrive more joyously for having known you. May we carry on in service to others with humility and a renewed sense of purpose, in remembrance of your devoted and loving being.

On Obituary for Michelle Dray Falvey

Posted on June 14 at 9:27 p.m.

Necessity is the mother of a lot of things, including innovation. Perhaps those in the non-profit and community-based organization world can collaborate with the Public Guardian's office to save the essential Protective Pay program. Sadly, as many counties and municipalities have learned, when programs such as Protective Pay are targeted due to budget shortfalls, the burden is shifted to other institutions, including hospitals, jails, and the beleagered courts. Applications for conservatorships rise, and government agencies are then legally "on the hook" so to speak to provide institutionalized care, the monetary cost of which is staggering; not to mention the human cost in personal suffering.
Perhaps our electeds can collaborate in lieu of cutting; appoint innovation-minded representatives from stakeholder groups, and preserve essential programs like Protective Pay. Pro Pay services can then be provided by one or more of our many non-profit agencies across the County, with guidance and oversight provided by staff designated by a Board-appointed "Disability Support Network".
The fact remains that representative payee services are a necessity for many of our disabled citizens, Santa Barbara County can choose to establish a demonstration project for others to immitate. .We can choose to preserve and reduce the cost of administering these life-saving services, and be rewarded for our efforts a thousand times over.
As my grand daddy used to say "where there's a will, there's a way". And there's some wisdom is that old saying.. Somehow we can see it better with a little different lens.

On Advocates to Battle Budget Cuts

Posted on December 21 at 9:33 p.m.

Roger was indeed one of Santa Barbara's patron saints for the homeless and disenfranchised in our community. Roger exemplified someone who possessed a moral compass for the ages. While we mourn his passing, and remind ourselves of his many self-less contributions to our communities, let us strive to emulate his dedication to the values of social justice and compassion for those less fortunate and afflicted with disease. On the eve of hard won health care reform, let us also recognize our "civilian soldiers", like Roger, who have fought relentlessly on the battle lines of health care and homelessness. Thank you, Roger, for being with us and showing the way.

On Roger Heroux Has Died

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