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Posted on October 17 at 3:52 p.m.

Hey John, love your stuff. If you want to do something meaningful for your community, please run for the board of directors of our local markets. We could use a local perspective from someone with integrity. Thanks for the years of wonderful veggies and happy 65th!

On Yankee Farm

Posted on July 16 at 12:59 p.m.

Come on Helene Schneider (mayor) weren't you on the cover of Edible Santa Barbara recently touting our local food movement? Why don't you ask the market to involve the community it supposedly serves? How could a community voice on the board hurt any of YOUR electorate? Hopefully the city can be as courageous as these growers and stand up to the playground bully.

On Farmers Market Lawsuit Fizzles

Posted on June 20 at 9:54 p.m.

Wow!!! An article went to press this morning and it is already in the archives. The Indy is definitely trying to bury this article. Come on Marianne, your conflict of interest is clouding the Independent's journalistic integrity. This is a story SB is interested in, didn't you see the 30+ comments from the January story? VERY DISAPPOINTING!

On Farmers Market Lawsuit Heats Up

Posted on May 20 at 8:35 a.m.

I have to agree with spiritwalker that it seems weird to go through all that, only to leave the boat in plain view and the pot hiding nearby. We all know the war on pot is full of hipocrisy and lies. So spiritwalker might be paranoid, but rightfully so. That, and I love a conspiracy theory.

On Panga Found on Arroyo Quemada Beach

Posted on May 20 at 7:20 a.m.

Man was this article hard to find! A friend told me about it, and I looked all over this website and the print edition, and eventually found it. Looks like the wall of silence has grown, and now the Indy seems to be within its' walls. Why won't you take blackpoodles advice and ask the market for some answers? Why won't the market be transparent about it's application process, waitlists etc? And why won't the Indy push them on it? C'mon blackpoodles, journalistic integrity, local agriculture, and a really juicy story. This seems like it is right up your alley. Or did you also have trouble finding the article?

On More Defendants in Farmers Market Lawsuit

Posted on February 3 at 12:53 p.m.

What a character. Kinda reminds me of Andy Kauffman. I just hope his story doesn't end like Andy's. He seems to be taking on some of his characters' unique view of the world. Or maybe his character's took on his unique vision of things. I am going with the latter. Either way he is a great actor.

On Canada Says Randy Quaid Can't Stay

Posted on February 3 at 12:40 p.m.

Good point blackpoodles, the wall of silence does not look good. I read the article in the Santa Maria Times from last week (plaintiff's attorney posted it in the comments above as mdsurf) and the SBCFMA's lawyer had this to say, "Some people don't get into certain markets because that's just the way the (SBCFMA) markets work." What kind of explanation is that? Sounds like the schoolyard bully. I thought we had stopped using such terms as "some people." Very bad choice of words. With comments like this I see why there has been a wall of silence. At some point the wall will have to come down, the longer it takes, the worse it looks.

On Farmers Market Harvests Discontent

Posted on February 3 at noon

All this just for some fish? Until you see one of these in the wild, as I have, you will not understand the importance of such restoration. They are truly a sight I want my grandchildren to experience.

On Make Way for ‘Fishway’

Posted on February 3 at 11:56 a.m.

Tough decision. We all love the option of CC to continue our education even if we are not looking for a degree, or another degree. The diversity of students at CC classes, is one of their strengths. That being said, if their purpose, and therefore its reason for being subsidized, is to be a stepping stone to a four-year institution, then this money is not being properly used. Once again Das is able to make the correct decision, even if it is unpopular. Like I said tough decision.

On Graduation Giddyup

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