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Posted on January 19 at 11:59 p.m.

“I would point out that one person with two six-shooters could easily commit a mass murder and be national headline news. Why weren't we hearing about this in decades past?...because we had a different culture then” billclausen

I think the change is in our awareness and sensitivity to gun crime, not an actual increase in the rate of gun crime. This is perhaps partially due to more immediate and extensive access to “news.”

In fact, mass killings go back more than a century. See for yourself at sort by “Year”

If you think gun violence in general has gone up in the last couple of decades, think again...

“Violent gun crime has dropped dramatically in the past two decades, but the majority of Americans think it's more of a problem now than ever, according to a Pew Research Center study...”

The US has a gun problem relative to other relatively ‘civilized societies,’ but it’s essentially always had a gun problem. Even though the rate of gun deaths may be stable or even shrinking, we like to kill each other more than many other countries do.

Bottom line:

On I.V. Shooting Victim's Father Joining Capps for State of the Union

Posted on January 19 at 11:25 p.m.

JT anyone can cherry pick the internet and find whatever they want, and that’s what you’re doing. The best stories are sprinkled with tidbits that smack of truthiness, but that doesn't make them true. You need to develop an ability to distinguish baloney and good advice, and especially to know when you are in over your head, as you are here.

Here’s what actual responsible medical minds are saying about vaccinations:

“In keeping with their professional commitment to the health of patients and the public, physicians should:

(c) Recommend and encourage patients to have appropriate vaccinations and screenings.”

“State policies granting personal belief exemptions and states that easily grant exemptions are associated with increased pertussis incidence.”

On Infant Dies from Whooping Cough

Posted on January 19 at 1:46 p.m.

“Properly credentialed researchers, studying the whooping cough vaccine for many years, have found … its use *causes* whooping cough outbreaks rather than prevents them.” Tieber

Unless your definition of “properly credentialed” is circular, ie, those that agree with you are properly credentialed, this is total bunk. And, borrowing your phraseology, any ‘competent’ observer can see that your position (which clearly advocates against being vaccinated in general) is not well supported (to put it mildly) – immunizations programs nearly eliminated infectious diseases like whooping cough for decades – independent of other improvements – and the recent rise in pertussis (and other infectious diseases) appears to correlate with a reduction in people participating in vaccination programs. The medical literature generated by professionals in the field supports this by vast odds.

On Infant Dies from Whooping Cough

Posted on January 19 at 9:39 a.m.

“You cannot make things better by merely condemning those you don't like.” nativeson

Your post above appears to condemn ‘atheistic socialism “religion”’ (whatever that is). In other recent posts you have condemned ‘illegals,’ Aztecs, and Islam. Perhaps you should practice what you preach.

On Junipero Serra, Ready for Liftoff

Posted on January 19 at 8:21 a.m.

“You roundly condemn Christianity for worldwide “slaughter”, yet conveniently leave out how many were killed during the most barbaric century in history, the 20th century: Chinese Communists killed 77 million; USSR killed 62 million; Nazi Germany killed 21 million.” nativeson

nativeson, what does your post have to do with the subject article? Are you arguing that since the Catholic Church ranks lower on the genocidal institutions list than the three you list, Serra should be sainted? Or are you preempting a move by the insidious ‘atheistic socialism “religion”’ to finagle sainthood for Mao, Stalin and Hitler?

Destroying the mission is not needed or wanted – I for one would miss the building and its bells. But a memorial somewhere on the site perhaps near the semi-preserved Chumash structures, would be appropriate. The lovely and moving Gypsy memorial in Berlin comes to mind.

On Junipero Serra, Ready for Liftoff

Posted on January 19 at 12:16 a.m.

Gosh JT, your "VACUOUS BLATHER" label referring to posts here suggests you need to read your "RELATED" articles more carefully. Some might think the “vacuous” heading might include your posts, who knows?

The result of the vast majority of people being vaccinated over the last few decades has had a strikingly positive effect on public health and you have no evidence to the contrary. And you have no base of medical expertise from which to make a sensible argument relevant to a person’s choices about medical care. Your posts boil down to a beef against business practices (which apply to just about all businesses) and have no medical validity. You should be clear and honest about what you are advocating, and why you are in a position to do so.

The bottom line is, vaccines have had a net benefit to society by inarguably reducing common debilitating diseases. We should all get vaccinated according to our doctor’s advice.

On Infant Dies from Whooping Cough

Posted on January 14 at 11:17 p.m.

We beat jarvis' tart XWendy and we'll beat the Matilija trail blockers.

On Hikers File Suit to Keep Matilija Falls Trail Open

Posted on January 14 at 10:58 p.m.

Get vaccinated. There are risks, and few vaccines are 100% effective. However, as with exercise and good diet, you and your neighbors' chances of staying healthy are better if everyone partipates.

On Infant Dies from Whooping Cough

Posted on January 13 at 11:31 p.m.

"Here's the link JT should have provided. Botany

Botany is correct. Without a doubt, vaccination programs have had a net benefit to the general health of societies that use them. They only work well if essentially everyone participates. And everyone should.

On Infant Dies from Whooping Cough

Posted on January 11 at 3:32 p.m.

"I address myself now to all the racists, Islamophobes and antisemites. One must not confuse extremists with Muslims. Mad people have neither colour or religion,' he said…"

We'll said, thanks JT.

So far South Park has dodged this bullet. Alas they appear to have had to take cover.

On Thank You

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