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Posted on January 8 at 3:46 p.m.

Are these not the same files that the LA Times has offered for a while now?

Or; am I missing something?

On Court Rejects Boy Scouts Appeal

Posted on July 4 at 9:24 a.m.

As a downtown worker; I can attest to the parking issues. All of us walk several blocks to find parking that is not restricted by the City's 75 Minute Rules, or the City's "Locals Only Can Park Here" rules, or the City's "Tuesday is Street Sweeping" rules.

A lot of rules. And; they are all necessary I suppose. It's just a fact of life in a downtown environment.

As for the City Lot where SBS is located, sure; Barbara could have paid for parking for her employees there. But; aside from the economic impractability of must remember that the City Lots are for ****CUSTOMERS****. Remember those? If all the businesses downtown had their employees parking in the City lots (Reimbursed financially or not) there would be no spaces left for **CUSTOMERS**. It's bad enough as it is.

Barbara; there are always "vultures" that comment negatively on forums like these. Pay little attention to their comments.

And Barbara; be prepared for those same types to come into your store in the final weeks. Their comments in front of you; to your face and in front of your employees, can be equally hurtful.

Treat them with the same dignity and respect as you have done here; the kindness will drive them crazy :)

Good luck to you, I hope the financial hole is not too deep.


On Santa Barbara Scrapbooks to Close Its Doors

Posted on February 27 at 7:37 a.m.

The current manager is managing to break even in these worst of times; and the guy who preceded him allowed the facility to lose 10 million dollars over 19 years?

I'd say that's worthy of an investigation and I hope it's already well underway. Something's fishy at the Salvation army; and it's not only the restaurant that now occupies their former location on lower State Street.

For example; take the Taj Mahal looking structure that they built on Chapala Street. Pretty damn classy for a Salvation Army Building. One has to wonder how much excess money went into its construction that would have been better spent elsewhere.

It's this sort of thing that gives non-profits a bad name.


On Salvation Army Rehab to Close

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