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Posted on October 30 at 8:29 a.m.

I understand the team's frustration after having dominated virtually every game they've played this season with nothing to show for it, but instead of taking it out on the officials, the team should be asking why they need 25 shots to score a goal (if they score at all) while every opponent they play seems to score twice on 10 shots or fewer. Or why is it that the Gauchos seem to always have a defensive breakdown or a freak play lead to an opponent's goal in the final seconds (see Cal Poly, Davis)? While the talent on our team year in and year out is clear, at some point being "good" means these types of things don't happen.

And having two out of the last three seasons conclude with assaults on the refs is downright embarrassing. I just hope it doesn't lead to further sanctions or take a toll on recruiting.

On UCSB Soccer Player Arrested for Assaulting Referee

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