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Posted on April 20 at 4:49 p.m.

Thanks for the article, while saying cycling deaths and injuries on SB roads are in some ways similar to those caused by Ebola is a bit of a reach, it does attract attention to what is a significant number of preventable deaths and injuries.

Everyone has a role in making things better; cyclists, drivers and those folks that plan the transportation network, can we all do our part? I hope so. I'd hate to see this discussion devolve into a bunch of finger pointing, unless there happens to be a mirror in the room.

On Public Health Menace Grows

Posted on September 12 at 2:44 p.m.

Back in the old days before comment posting on news websites folks used to write letters to the editor, and put their name on their opinions. Nowadays we have anonymous profiles writing profusely and eloquently, who are you? Who do you work for? Depending on the opinion expressed I can only assume you are a paid staffer at an energy PR company spinning the company line, or working on the conservation side. Step up and behind your opinion if it's so worth expressing.

I know longer live in the county, but based on the rather sordid history of enegy extraction in the North County my own opinion is that I don't have a lot of faith in what energy companies have to say about how safe their activities might be.

If an energy company wants to mix toxic chemicals with water and inject the mixture into the ground then the burden of proof of demonstrating that it is safe is on them. Groundwater is a public resource and needs to be protected, any contamination that might result would be difficult and expensive to remove. Stating that there is no evidence that it's not safe is not proof, bring on the research that prooves it's safe. Joel Groberg, former Santa Barbara resident.

On Fracking Friction

Posted on July 30 at 4:12 p.m.

I wish Erin the best, and while there's a lot of fingerpointing going on, let's spread the responsibility around.

Yes, a new rider needs to learn the area and ride carefully. We promote cycling as a great exercise, but are new riders made aware of the risks? Is it irresponsible to ride without health insurance? Not so sure about that, what are the huge % uninsured supposed to do, stay on the couch and watch TV?, (that's safe in the short term)

The Biltmore, upscale business, the main employer, do they offer folks that work for them health insurance, or do they prefer them to work as private contractors and therfore duck having to contribute the health of one of their staff?

The roads? These wet streaks have been around a long time, and cycling a sport/[pastime has grown along with the population. Maybe it's time to put in a small under the road drain that would allow the road surface to be dry most of the time, and spill over during peak rainy periods.

After looking at that I do feel for Erin, if you look at it neither her employer or the government of the community seem to care much about her welfare.

On Bicycling + Mossy Road = Broken Hip

Posted on September 16 at 3:39 p.m.

I feel badly for the woman that was injured, and hope she heels quickly.

I am no fan of speculation, but I think we are all overlooking the most obvious explanation,,,a person or persons wanting to help where help is needed, but not knowing enough about trail maintenance. They were maintaining a public trail, something that could not easily be done secretly. Why not think of these persons as misguided good samaritans and guide them into a tral maintenance volunteer program where they can learn the correct techniques?

I am no fan of construction of unapproved trails, that's wrong and should be stopped. When it comes to our existing trail network need all the help we can get to maintain it and bringing more people into the fold is going to work better in the long run then criminalizing independent volunteer efforts.

On Illegal Trail-Cutting Efforts Continue to Concern Forest Officials

Posted on July 4 at 6:21 p.m.

I am in Austrlalia at the moment and worried about my friends. Thanks so much for having so much important information availabile online. I have to say that way "the other SB newspaper" is not doing the community a service by hiding valuable information behind log in screens and subscription forms. Thanks for serving the community so well!

On Update From Friday Afternoon Gap Fire Press Conference

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