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Posted on October 27 at 4:07 a.m.


Edit "I think Parks should to be about parks"

Remove the "to" ?

On County Parks Installing Rental Units

Posted on October 27 at 4:05 a.m.

Actually, many people survive shark attacks. I have heard punching them in the nose works, among other things...

Never tried, obviously, but as I posted in another thread

"Are sharks color blind ? Wet suits === bright yellow?

How about a smell repellent that you spray on when surfing or swimming... ? There has to be options! "

Maybe bio-engineering will come up with something at UCSB...

Lucas , RIP. To all his family my prayers, thoughts and love go out to you all! I am sure fellow Gauchos also feel the same way, the few I have spoken to do !

On Great White Likely Responsible for Attack

Posted on October 27 at 3:57 a.m.

Are sharks color blind ? Wet suits === bright yellow?

How about a smell repellent that you spray on when surfing or swimming... ? There has to be options!

On Officials Reopen Surf Beach

Posted on October 27 at 3:54 a.m.

Well I hope the county plans on buying HOTEL ROOM licenses for these cabins. There is a MAXIMUM number of hotel rooms allowed within county guidelines and you must purchase a right to rent a hotel room. So hopefully somehow they purchased these rights like every other organization has to!

Secondly, I would say honestly, the parks have three options.

1) Endow the 700k and utilize the interest for the long term to pay for park "gaps"

2) Use the 700k directly to pay for the deficit. Which if you have been operating this long you should not have a huge gap so this is sustainable.

3) Buy the cabins and move forward.


14 units
365 days per year

Assume(VERY conservative):

$150/night ($300 I think is a bit high but presume)
33% occupancy rate (1/4 of year basically all summer and the other seasons ZERO occupancy)
$55,000 Cost of Operations (one full time "maid" / facilities personnel and additional costs of staff to manage the paperwork/billing of rental especially if ONLY OFFERED SEASONALLY)

Gives us : $255, 497.55 (Gross)
$200,497.55 (NET)

That is a 28.5% return on investment being VERY conservative. They city parks will fully capitalize their investment in 3.5 years.

We talk about sustainability, finally a GOVERNMENT organization wanting to pay for itself for OUR long term benefit. I APPLAUD the efforts.


A reality check for you, if your numbers were correct the 40.11 % Gross Profit Margin that the Parks Department has would be one of the best investments in country and they wouldn't be needing "extra funding". If they are correct some SERIOUS scandal is going on in the parks department because they should be buying more parks at those high of ROI's . I would invest even! :) Maybe your numbers were backwards ... a 1.67 spending for a 1.00 income?

On County Parks Installing Rental Units

Posted on October 27 at 3:29 a.m.

Girls Inc should be protected they do great work for our community youth!

The county "ordinance" pushed ALL dispensaries out of most of the normal "business locations" and into the randomly strewn throughout our neighborhoods. The city has given them a legal right to be in the city, thus they must provide zoning regulations where they are allowed to operate. Otherwise, "it is acting in bad faith" on the councils side and they could be legally liable. In fact, I hope the entire council is personally sued for acting in bad faith! Also, I hope our city police department is Sued for violating the precedence set by voters AND by city council having ISSUED permits!

@ Nye
Your mouth is your biggest enemy. I hope your pro-bono because you may have just lost your CLIENT his case by stating
"six months Graham has to pack it in is not nearly enough time for him to recoup the costs put into getting Green Light up to snuff, nor does it take into account the amount of money Graham stood to earn over the course of his lease."

Due to this above statement you are alleging that your client upon issuance of his permit was acting in bad faith as acting as a for profit firm. The "intent" of the permit as stated by city-council was for non-profit in the organized format of a collective to be established. This has been precedence since the first drafts of the ordinance , just in other words.

You should have stated "My client , has sunk costs involved in preparing the location and the staff to provide accessibility, safety and meet the rigorous standards set forth by the city, police and fire departments to patrons and the surrounding neighborhoods. In order for the operations of the dispensary to recoup any of these costs as an organization which has a duty to the community, donors and those whom receive the services, the dispensary would need to operate far longer than 6 months."

Then you would have shielded the fact that he is FOR PROFIT , and also laid out that yes he did these "renovations" to appease the multiple boards of review, city officials and the irrational requests of council who think adding "beautiful things" will hide the "potentially negative" affects the dispensary stigma brings to the area.

@ City Council, Police, Sheriffs and involved in Legislature

Growing up I believe in government, I believed that one vote really matters. Being 26, I am starting to realize how government is just a playground for people with no real power.

if you truly had power, you could stop the Police from OVERSTEPPING their Boundaries. Police, could been more effective in focusing their IMMENSE resources , brilliant detectives and limited patrol / swap / narcotics officers are more serious crimes. You RESPECT NO AUTHORITY(the will of the people/taxpayers/voters), so why should you be given AUTHORITY.

I wish politicians actually did what they say they would. THAT WOULD RESTORE AMERICA BACK TO THE ONCE BEAUTIFUL NATION!

On Second Cannabis Club Sues City

Posted on October 21 at 8:04 p.m.


By shipment I meant out of state or out of county, this is just a commuting movement. Either way I meant as a community we need to address this concern. I mentioned Lompoc as a place of residence because it has a lower cost of living to aide people who get out of the rehab program to find jobs and a place to live.
In SB, if your looking to get off the streets and under a roof it is nearly twice the cost for a one bedroom or studio etc.

I am sorry if I offended you, I remember the days of old when my mother lived in Lompoc and unfortunately got hooked up with the wrong people etc etc. So sorry for my personal history coming through I am HAPPY to hear it is changing for the better and a locally living police force helps.

Yes it may be colder and wetter but my suggestion would be to build a facility to house these citizens. Adding to the jobs/economic growth of Lompoc. I am happy the area is thriving just beyond just the agricultural industry.

In short, its a nearby city with enough Labor resources (heard unemployment is greater in Lompoc even if not...) , Lower cost of ownership(we can afford to house more people and provide more services because of lower overhead) , and it has as you said a local living police force which is helping clean up the issues in the area making it a more socially responsible city, which as you mentioned SB is NOT!

So while we are changing and learning, maybe you could agree with the dollar goes farther in Lompoc and your labor force would not turn down more jobs and spending in the area from Local merchants.

On Could The 100,000 Homes Campaign Work In S.B.?

Posted on October 20 at 2:13 a.m.

Homeless come to Santa Barbara because of the weather and YES the services.

I DO NOT aggree with shipping them elsewhere because they will just come back and then its a LOSS of a SUNK cost.

My Resolution:

Why don't we provide more programs and assistance in places like Lompoc where there is social welfare needed more than just for homeless people. We can develope programs to treat(mental/abuse) house, train/educate and help people get back on their feet.

Thus we can clean up the HUGE drug problem in Lompoc, help the homeless people who do need and MOST deserve help and better our COUNTY.

The cost of Lompoc is MUCH cheaper than in SB and there is HUGE agricultural facilities whom I am sure may even donate some of the food to feed these people.

These centers would increase jobs, cost less than in SB and help more than JUST homeless. There are people who were down on their luck or lost their job that turned to abusive habits(drugs/self destruction like cutting or eating habits) who NEED HELP , and we CAN provide that to them but at a reduced cost.

Turning your eye on people, will not "shoo" them away , it will on cause them to quote "SPANGE" aka ask for Spare Change more.

Put yourself in their shoes. I just watched a TV show, a huge rareity for me, but it says that huge amount of our Veterans are homeless 23%( and 45% + WANT JOBS and WANT TO BE PRODUCTIVE. You have a workforce that is in some circumstances highly trained and forced structural unemployment. Check out this article from one man given a chance and how a little goes along way (

I saw , when your budget is tight, negotiate with a homeless person. They have ZERO to lose and much to gain!

For all the Christian folks out there ... I am reminded of my Catholic School upbringing in this analogy.

A rich man walks into a church and drops a big sack of gold coins proudly into the collection plate for all to see, a second man places a few pence which is his most of his earnings for the week. Who gave more?

Now Reverse it: You give someone a job who already has one, and they see less value than someone who has no job and sees it as the opportunity of a lifetime.

Open your hand, to help someone up. It may be you who changes their life forever.

On Could The 100,000 Homes Campaign Work In S.B.?

Posted on October 20 at 1:55 a.m.

To Jaya1964,

I am NOT worried about you. I am worried about the other drivers whom WITHOUT cellphones can barely drive, allow them to use a cell phone and its a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, we do not have a cell phone certification at the DMV yet we could have the best of both worlds. But for now, we must use hands free technology.

I for one, use speaker phone or pull over or just call the person back.

On Zero Tolerance for Hands-On Cell Phone Use

Posted on July 19 at 12:54 a.m.

Personally the founder of FAIR , sounds like another Hitler..."requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that"

Anyways, enough about personal believes....

Here is the immigrant solution that makes both parties equally happy...

1.Based on immigrant data that can be obtained provide places where immigrants can apply for work visas, green cards, and citizenship.

2. These centers should also have resources on education, as revisionist said, Canada judges on what you bring to the table.

3. These centers, in and outside the US (we have current illegal immigrants inside the US who deserve these resources) should be open and VIGOROUSLY attempting to help these people make better lives for themselves in the US if that is their wish.

4. Provide a friendly/ expedited process to allow someone to ADD to our economy ; especially those with skilled labor resources.

5. INCREASE THE PUNISHMENT for not reporting an illegal, if we have the availability of these resources to obtain permits to RESIDE for work / or more in the US there is NO REASON besides to break the law/laziness that someone would not have valid paperwork.

6. Most illegals, at least those who I have heard about from Mexico pay a "coyote" like $5000 or more US dollars to smuggle them. How about they can pay Expedition fees for their application (governments always find a way collect more cash from those who have it)

7. Stop compiling reports on the alleged PROBLEM, and start compiling these ideas into ACTIONS.

On FAIR Not Fair?

Posted on July 19 at 12:37 a.m.

Glad I can be the only comment on this one so far...

Something smells weird here... I suppose the devil could be in the details...

Lack of clarity in writing / details...

1. 20% of sales is GROSS RECEIPTS... $100 / month plan == $20 / month donated?

2. Eco wireless only paid a one time commission from Verizon for the sale or they only donate the first month?

3. If they are only give a one time comission and they are only giving 20% of that to non-profits.... ?

It just seems funny to me that this company has been OPEN for nine months, and has only given a little over $1000 to charity when they have a CEO.... assuming there is then a board of directors and this is a fair sized company ... at least 5 employees.... I do not see how they support their business on such small revenues.

But again, as I said the article leaves out too many details and so thus... it sounds more advertising that Eco Wireless is really not donating much money ... My friends kids can make more selling lemonade ....

On Going Green at Cellular Level

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