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Posted on January 4 at 11:28 a.m.

I might not be excited about the loss of locally made programming, but I am, for one, excited about the end of Adam and Spencer on KJEE.

Over the past year, the show has considerably gone down in quality (e.g. 30 min schticks such as "Bird vs. Bum" where Adam would put an Egg McMuffin out on a table and wager whether a bird would get to it before a bum would; daily hour long discussions about Tiger Woods and Michael Jackson, whereas other programs just devoted 15 or so minutes to such inane topics). No matter your lack of funding, the ability to come up with stimulating discussions, topics, and listener-involved games should not have been neglected. When quality is present, more listeners will always be attracted.

Not to mention so many, many errant facts given during the show about the newer bands that they give airtime. If the station wants to keep up with trends in the "modern rock world," I'm not seeing it. That might not be Adam's and/or Spencer's fault as so much as the problems with main stream rock radio stations. STOP playing Nirvana or Sublime for the 10,000 time and STOP hiring deejay's with blonde, streaked hair and wallet chains. It's not the '90s or even the Oughts anymore.

Thank you. End rant.

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