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Posted on February 14 at 10:27 a.m.

It is very important to expose the harm Scientology can do despite that it also has a good side.
A person should have the choice to take out of Scientology what is wanted & to discard what can be considered crap & especially what is paranoiac vindictiveness.
Democratic choices & the right to protest against what is not liked about Scientology are freedoms that Scientologists should never be allowed to oppress.

On Scientology Church Decries Wave of Worldwide Persecution

Posted on November 20 at 2:18 a.m.

Scientology is a religion because it is a reinvention in modern context of other religions. Obviousy if other religions are reinvented then the outcome is to derive a religion.
Scientology though is also a reinvention of psychology.
In such context it can still be regarded a religion because psychology literally means a study of the psyche or soul.
It took clever marketting to reinvent other religions & psychology to get the religion of Scientology.
The market was ready for a religion in modern context despite not realizing that such religion was a reinvention of established religions.
Something for everyone in a religion reinvented from other religions & from psychology.
Even reinvented science was introduced as being the fundamental basis to the Scientology religion.
A clever marketting person like Hubbard researched & developed the products & services for his own religion based on the reinventions of established religions & on psychology.
It is very true that to establish a successful religion a person doing this can make a fortune.
It requires though a degree of workability from an invented religion otherwise the market for such religion would not stay commited to its asylum as an unsatisfied longing never satisfied for its purpose.

On The Science of Scientology

Posted on November 19 at 7:35 a.m.

Scientology is a reinvention of other religions including Judaism, Christianity, Budhism & Hinduism in modern context.
With insight a person will find in Scientology these reinventions of other religions.The controlling techniques of both national socialism & communism can also be found reinvented in Scientology.
Scientology requires volumes of words for its reinvention of other religions & political persuasions.
Scientology is totally according to & on behalf of L Ron Hubbard the deceased founder of the subject.
The true story of the life of Hubbard should be found & read on the internet . Not the story as presented by Scientology about its founder.
The mind & spirit as presented by Hubbard is taken as gospel by converts to Scientology.
To have an own point of view about the mind & spirit can be regarded as heresy after anyone is converted to Scientology.
Scientology cannot tolerate disagreement with it taking the point of view that is is absolute.
Everything within Scientology is according to on behalf of Ron.
Scientology within its own framework is exceedingly undemocratic..
A converted & committed Scientologist to the asylum of the religion only wants to hear that the policies & so called tech. of Ron are absolute.They wear blinkers.
Once in Scientology a convert is implanted to believe that Scientology & its founder are never wrong & are always right.
This is how Hubbard reinvented God as himself.

On The Science of Scientology

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