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Posted on May 21 at 2:47 a.m.

To be more open from a (once lived the scene individual)... gangmembers are not only mexicans, there are whites, asians and blacks all colors. Some of their parents are attorneys and sherrifs and city councelmen...pastors etc... you could have the best perents and raised right but there is a time when youngsters make their own decissions in life, dont blame the parents.
The issue of gangs is a hot topic and it is getting worse, but please understand that mistaken idenity is very common in santa barbara as well as other counties. A bald headed mexican with tattoos... um all mexican gangsters got one or way more tattoos. Dont judge the individual, he is a man of christ and is leaving that life style and coming to a new life... one less gangmember off the streets. Faith is what gets us off the streets. What we may lack with our own familys we have found in God. Rudy came from two parents in and out of the system but the gallegos (children) are the most respectable kids and talk with respect, shake your hand and very well mannered, yet these youngsters make bad decissions and now trying to fix them. Innocent until proven guilty you are right but Rudy was proven innocent.
Just note... rich and middle class dont have enough time with their kids as well as the lower class... mutual on all ends, decissions and lifestyles is what the individual chooses but can change in the end....

On Hendry’s Homicide Suspect Released from Custody

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