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Posted on February 3 at 10:26 a.m.

Susan Sallade was my first watercolor teacher, starting with her wonderful adult ed class, "Animals in Art". She taught me to paint LARGE and freely, and I was amazed during our class critiques that she always found something "delightful" in the most elementary attempts at painting. A wonderful teacher, Susan had an incredible talent and eye for critique - she could take one look at your painting and suggest a stroke here or there that "finished" the work.

Susan and I gradually became friends over our love of watercolor painting, animals and nature. About five years ago, she invited me to visit to Return to Freedom Mustang Sanctuary with her. We were thrilled to discover that Spirit, a huge stallion who inspired the cartoon movie charactor, was being delivered to the ranch that day! Susan was mesmerized as they unloaded this gorgeous horse from his trailer - if a horse could look like a movie star, Spirit certainly did! Animal Planet tv channel was there documenting the day, and we chuckled at our "15 minutes of fame" as they filmed us hiking up the rise to view the wild mustangs.

I am surprised how very much I miss Susan already - I miss her quiet laugh, her trademark bandana, her gentle spirit. I was sure we would have more meals at the Natural Cafe, more walks with Shawnee, her beloved dog, more art shows to visit....and more of her fabulous art.

But I am glad you are free now, Susan. See you on the other side. love, Nancy

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