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Posted on January 5 at 11:29 p.m.

The medical information in the centerfold is an educational gift to the people of santa barbara.
We should be happy for such clear referencing - you can look up the studies - it's all factually based scientific studies.

The independent makes you put in ‘advertisement’ at the bottom, so that the information wont be mistaken for their editorial is what they said.

It’s their protection - there is no advertising. This information, it seems, is only for the open-minded people that might benefit from cannabis one day.

It seems that the meanspirited and closed-minded nature of some of these writers may contribute to an illness that it seems, one day, won't be aided by cannabis, due to thier foolish, propagandized belief system.

Every 14 minutes of everyday, everyweek of every year people get legal drugs from the pharmacy and die according to the los angeles times – 9/17/2011

Why not get healed by nature, if you’re not hurting anyone.

Some people are fools – not the wise ones in the kings court, but just mondern day ignorant fools.
It’s truly a shame!

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