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Posted on May 10 at 7:24 a.m.

Great article, Brian. And your point about the need for "social programs" to attend increasing density is well-taken. You don't specify what those programs should be, but let me offer a suggestion: first, available health care dispensed through community clinics open to EVERYONE; second, education, in neighborhood academies, both academic and technical, geared to employment, available to everyone; third, effective addiction and mental health treatment at specialized clinics; fourth, regular neighborhood civic forums to engage all neighbors in a dialogue about what's working and what's not working.
Does that sound utopian? I hope not, because our chief challenge as a culture (neither urban nor suburban, but human) is to discover how to affirmatively answer Rodney King's plaintive question:: "Can't we all just get along?"

On Downtown Man

Posted on May 3 at 5:24 a.m.

At last!! A series of well-informed commenters who resort to facts rather than sentiment concerning the introduced eucalyptus spp. (particular thanks to Celestial!) Good on ya, Barbarinos!
And I ditto Fred's and 7dolphins' comments about Mr. "I wanna be Att'y Gen" Nava. Good grief, Pedro, I hope you read the Audobon article, if you can take a break from doing political calculus.

On Nava Jumps into Eucalyptus Removal Fray

Posted on April 30 at 7:59 a.m.

Yeah, geez - these po' folk might have to reduce the size of their house (something THAT big and immodest can't be called a 'home') to only 10,000 sf! OMG!! How will they ever squeeze in the furniture? Does anyone see the problem in electing wealthy, entitled people like Brooks Firestone to make land use decision affecting people they circulate with? Thank goodness Mr. F. only dabbled at playing Supe for one term; but it sure takes a long time to clean up the mess, don't it? Same situation with Bush II - we'll be cleaning up the deficit his no-tax, big budget policies caused for a loooonnnngggg time. Message: don't vote for anyone who has too much unearned money in the bank. (e.g., neither Firestone nor Bush would have succeeded without inheriting wealth and status.)

On Supervisors to Rescind Approval of Monster Ballantyne House

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