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Posted on May 19 at 1:33 p.m.

How do you define crime? Does it include a brother who shoots his sister accidentally because Dad, a cop, leaves his gun by his beside at home loaded? Do you throw Dad in jail or the 8 year old brother? Do you hold the mother accountable because she isn't paying attention? Is it like an accidental poisoning or a pool with no cover?

Just wondering if parents who leave guns around should also be have a firm 5 years of incarceration or just say "oops!"

On Coalition Against Gun Violence Celebrates 20 Years of Activism

Posted on April 28 at 3:14 p.m.

Wow…I sure hope all the old curmudgeons on this page are as elderly as I think they are. Glad to outlive all of you nasties and enjoy being in a community with many people like the Capps family.

Please, please tell me you haters are all over 75. ????

On Laura Burton Capps Not Running for Congress

Posted on April 20 at 4:28 p.m.

Wonderful news…good reporting is certainly not in evidence in SB. Congratulations, Rob.

On Fired News-Presser Wins Pulitzer

Posted on April 15 at 9:54 a.m.

Hey, it's a free country and a business should be allowed to park wherever!

(Just poking at you, JavisJarvis)

On Miramar ‘Win-Win’

Posted on April 8 at 11:12 a.m.

Interesting discussion. All I know is that among the community boards that I sit on (3) … most members being long-time (30 + years) or native SBarbarians do NOT take the NP unless they have kids in sports or unless they think like Jarvis. Perhaps Jarvis knows the circulation numbers? The NP circulation has to have tanked. Last I hear was something like 40,000??? Anyone else know? We have switched to LA Times plus Noozhawk, Indie, Ed Hat for local news and don't feel we miss much locally.

On McCaw, Mold, and Another Black Eye for the <em>News-Press</em>?

Posted on February 12 at 11:51 a.m.

Loonpt…vaccines are actually much "cleaner" now than they were before. You really do need to do more research and then try to internalize it. Vaccines are more accurate and cleaner…not dirtier.

On Herd Immunity or Insanity?

Posted on February 11 at 9:54 a.m.

Just heard an interesting piece about HOW doctors bring up, discuss, talk about vaccination to parents. The doctors who simply proceed as if they were the experts and expect the parents to vaccinate their children---have much higher vaccination rates. The doctors who ask how the parents feel about vaccination and bring up both sides of the issue--much lower patient vaccination rates.

Doctors themselves are sowing angst and concern. If you are a doctor, if you are a scientist, if you know that vaccines are good for your patients---GROW A SPINE! There really are NOT two sides to this issue. Not for the MMR vaccine.

On Immune to the Facts?

Posted on February 5 at 1:58 p.m.

It is so silly that the N-P is going after the council member with the Hispanic name…Bendy White is a DON and I doubt he is any more thrilled with the "illegal" baiting than Murrillo. Why isn't the N-P going after all the council members emails? Wendy is so transparent and so silly…and so clueless.

On <em>News-Press</em> Provided Few Records in Murillo Internet Request

Posted on September 2 at 3:31 p.m.

It would be nice (as I live on Olive Street) if those dead stonepines were removed asap! they have been dead all summer--what is taking so long? A fire on the Riviera would sweep down Anapamu like greased lightening if those dead trees were to catch fire. I'm not at all impressed by the city's care for the trees. They are never properly pruned, they are never watered (no way 12 a year…or even 4) and I walk that street daily. This year I have seen them watered once…a week ago.

Given the growing condition as Anapamu Street is constituted now, there are too many stonepines planted…and they are planted directly across from each other so they compete for resources directly. If the trees were spaced out and planted alternately across the street from each other instead of directly, they would grow to provide a canopy without as much competition. Half the number of trees with the same length of Anapamu Street covered.

It is also ridiculous to ask the neighbors to water….every drop of water they put onto the front of their property is ALREADY being used by the trees. Believe me, I owned a home in the 400 block of Anapamu and the tree took what it wanted and my plants/trees got the leftovers. I imagine in this drought, the trees are going for the sewers in a big way!

On Stone Pines Distressed by Drought

Posted on January 4 at 9:38 a.m.

When do we get our bumper stickers?

"Ding-dong" (get the allusion?)
Cancel Wendy

On The Endless Stunner

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