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Posted on May 18 at 8:25 p.m.

I am a member of EDC, but also a local Goleta resident living near the Goleta lagoon. I attended UCSB 1964 thru 1971, on and off, working on my MA. I ran from Campus Point along Goleta Beach regularly then, and often since. All these years the Goleta Beach County Park has remained one of the few truly local, working family beaches, on the South Coast. All the others are geared toward serving tourists.
The EDC would better serve its local supporters who work on solving local environmental issues by using Goleta Beach in some capacity as a local peoples' education center for beach restoration, without waging war against common working folks who also want a beach retreat for their families! A few rocks helping this compatibility survive and grow are not an obstruction in the long run!

On Coastal Commission Grants Goleta Beach Rocks

Posted on November 13 at 11:03 a.m.

In the mid 1950s when I fished as a teenager off the Los Angeles breakwater most summers my friends and I saw Hammerheads caught off the inside-the- harbor fishing barges. We never paid to fish off the barges, preferring to cast from farther out on the breakwater near Angels Gate light house. However, the Hammerheads, along with all sharks, were not a desired catch, and considered junk food. San Pedro's Cabrillo Beach, less than a quarter mile from the first barge, never had a shark warning declared by the Chief of Life Guards, John Olguin, due to these numerous shark catches and sightings.
I might add, as a deckhand on sport fishing boats in 1955-56, out of San Pedro to the islands, we saw Blue Sharks every single trip. Again, they were not a desired catch, and did not count in any jack pots. Also, there was little concern about swimming in waters where they were sighted. But, then again, no one wore wetsuits, so we always looked very human in the water. > Paul Petrich Jr. Channel Islands Naturalist Corps

On VIDEO: Rare Hammerhead Shark Sighting off Anacapa Island

Posted on March 6 at 11:37 a.m.

Great reporting about events and persecuted people under the radar of our ratings addicted media networks. However, far too much theorizing about the politics of it all, when even worlds polititans need facts and info! Me things the authors focus should be on making proper politicians and world humanitarian agencies aware aware!

On Buddhist Rampage in Burma

Posted on March 7 at 8:05 a.m.

Great local history!
Everyone reading this can take a day trip to Prisoner's Harbor now aboard an Island Packers boat out of Ventura Harbor. Island Packers has the Channel Islands National Park concession for transport to and from Santa Cruz Island to drop off hikers, campers, and kayakers. You have the choice to disembark first at Scorpion Anchorage at the East end, or at Prisoners Harbor a half hour later. A day trip would give you about 4-5 hours to explore or join an optional guided hike. Trips are almost daily, weather permitting, and of modest cost.

On Prisoners Harbor

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