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Posted on October 15 at 11:30 a.m.

While prop 37 (the GMO initiative) on the outside looks good, when you read the inside you get a different story on what this initiative is about. See page 112, section 4, "Enforcement" in the voter information guide. This is the crux of the initiative which is to allow lawyers another venue to launch frivolous legal action. If I were a food distributor/producer, I would be forced to label my product "may contain GMO products" just to stave off frivolous law suits, even if I sold/produced non-GMO products. The enforcement provision alone dilutes this initiative.

A better way is to do this is per the definition of organic products. Have a definition of GMO and allow those who meet the definition be able to advertise as such. Hey, give them a special label which is eye-catching! This is a much better marketing approach for a niche business.

On Endorsements for 2012

Posted on July 1 at 1:59 p.m.

Regarding lighting, I've found the Energizer headlamps to be better than the usual "backpacking" branded headlamps. Petzl didn't survive my trips in the back woods (fortunately, duct tape saved the day). The Energizer headlamps are super durable (last years when used everyday in damp warm conditions) and inexpensive compared with backpacking branded units. The 6-led version has a hard to push push-button which means it won't mysteriously turn on in your pack, and the 3-led version which has a slide switch is good for non-backpacking usage. Last I saw, Home Depot carried these units in the tool area.

On What Five Days and 30 Miles in Santa Barbara’s Backcountry Teaches You

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