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Posted on April 2 at 10:57 a.m.

I do find star shineshines's articles very entertaining.

and this one is one of the best.

It's almost gotten to the point where I'm afraid to read anything anymore.

On The Cacophony of Corporate Squawk

Posted on April 2 at 10:44 a.m.

Incredible saga.

Your tax dollars at work.

On Flexing Muscles Over Mussels

Posted on March 25 at 8:38 a.m.

"get commuters to and from Santa Barbara during peak commute hours will likely begin for trains between Moorpark and Goleta, said State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson today. “[I]t makes so much sense,”
"A start time of 6 a.m., arriving in Goleta by just before 8 a.m."

On what planet does 4 hours/day commuting make sense?

On Commuter Train Service Expected by Spring 2016

Posted on March 25 at 8:31 a.m.

it is everyone's responsibility to provide some service or good that other's deem worthwhile enough for others to pay for. The basis of a free society is free exchange and cooperation among it's members.

If people want to donate to help out some business that they want to support - fine it's there decision.

But I resent that idea that some business has the right to expect community support because they represent some sort of "special value" or "special circumstance" that customers aren't willing to pay for. This attitude doomed the Earthling - and rightly so.

For counter examples look a Chaucer's and the Book Den. They've been in business for many years outlasting the national competitors Borders and Barnes & Noble.

I would suggest that the owners take a look at their own decision making - including the idea of begging funds from fans that their customers won't supply. And recognize that starting a business is extremely difficult, labor intensive and labor intensive. Bookselling is especially problematic these days. I'm sure it takes one with years of experience in the business to be successful. (I have no idea what previous experience the owners have) 4 out of 5 new businesses fail. Be prepared to change things and try new ideas. Even if this fundraising effort is successful, I'm doubtful that it will be sufficient to save the business on it's own.

Landlords aren't the problem. Everyone charges what they think their customers are willing to pay (including bookstores).

For what it's worth, I like the bookstore - but then I like almost all book stores.

On Granada Books on Brink of Closure

Posted on March 22 at 8:51 a.m.

"Also, if it is naturally occurring arsenic then it is actually a necessary trace mineral (though still may be harmful in extraordinary amounts), whereas if it came from a byproduct of some industrial or mining process it is more toxic."

How is one gram of naturally occurring arsenic different than one gram of arsenic from some other source?

On Ills at Elings

Posted on March 5 at 7:17 p.m.

"Hang gliding is a lot more dangerous than being drunk on the cliffs in IV, being an attractive female drunk in IV at parties (which is actually safer than being drunk out in the streets of downtown SB) and also more dangerous than crossing railroad tracks"

As a hangglider pilot of more than 20 years, I would have to dispute the above statement. I don't think it has any factual basis.

"getting drunk and having sex with an attractive female is probably as or more fun than hang gliding for a young male"

I would dispute that as well. Though I would suppose it would depend on the particular female as well as the weather that day.

On Badly Burned Teen Took the 'Fire Challenge'

Posted on March 2 at 12:18 p.m.

I can't get excited about all this.

Speaker of the house want's to invite Netanyahu - that's his right. Some congress don't want to attend - that's their right (on a normal day half of them aren't even there anyway). The president doesn't want to receive him - that's his right. An insult to the president? Maybe, but I'm sure he'll recover.

Given all the important stuff which needs work, I can' t believe people getting worked up about this.

On Bibi, Go Home

Posted on March 2 at 12:10 p.m.

Isn't the whole point of cigarettes (e or otherwise) to deliver nicotine to the body? What's the point of this article? That smokers shouldn't switch to e-cigs? That nicotine is bad for you? That someone in the public health department is concerned about what you do or that you don't know what you're doing? That or what?

I would have been interesting if the writer, given his position of authority in local government and his presumed expertise, could have answered the question - are e-cigs worse than smoking - which is legal and practiced by a large number of people.

On E-Cigarettes: A Smoking Gun?

Posted on February 18 at 10:22 a.m.

a) local political sensibilities
b) power of incumbency
c) support of public employee unions
d) a gerrymandered district stretching almost from simi valley to monterey which makes personal politicking door-to-door almost impossible

I'm thinking he did very well by losing by only 8000 votes.

Actually, I think Mitchum's counter ad where he demonstrated Capp's bad faith and cheap political tricks actually helped him more that Capp's ad hurt him.

It also revealed/reinforced what decent people are dealing with. So I wouldn't call the campaign a failure. I do think it's not an effective strategy to try to fix political differences through the courts. I'm doubtful he'll have a case and would likely get more political bang for the buck carping/harping on Capp's weakness from the sidelines until he takes another shot.

On Mitchum Sues Capps for Defamation of Character

Posted on February 17 at 10:46 a.m.

Here is the short version of what this is about:

a) Vaccinations protected almost all persons who get them from these deceases.

b) By almost eliminating the incidences of these deceases, even those who don't get the vaccination are benefited by other people getting vaccines

c) Vaccinations harm a very few of those people who receive them.

d) So the "rational" individual response is for one to avoid a vaccination while the rest of the population get's them. When everyone is "rational" - not one gets vaccinated and everyone suffers.

e) So this is one of the few times where it's justified to insist that everyone participate and accept his fair share of risk for the good of society as a whole. Those who fail to accept this responsability/risk while the rest of is to do so are in effect exploiting the civic mindedness of the rest of us.

f) It's not a surprise that the center of rationalization for evasion of civic responsibilities are the rent seeking sector of our society represented locally by our montecito community. What's really pathetic is their baroque rationalizations to dispute well documented scientific, epidemiological research.

On Herd Immunity or Insanity?

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