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Posted on April 8 at 11:49 a.m.

The abortion issue is irrelevant entirely.

The posters could have been about Japan's whale harvest, infanticide in the Sudan, or global warming.

The contributing relevant facts are that the 16-year old victim of this crime was standing in a specifically designated protected "Free Speech Area" (which is a ridiculous concept to even NEED on a University of California campus, since freedom of speech is protected by Constitutional Law, but I digress), and was engaged in lawful activity.

The professor attacked her, assaulted her, battered her, caused physical harm to her, stole her property, and destroyed her property. Each one of those actions is unlawful and is cause for termination of her employment and potential incarceration.

She is unrepentant and unapologetic for her behavior - instead blaming the victim for her choice to engage in these unlawful crimes against the 16-year old student. This UCSB employee is a disgrace and I'm ashamed that she is named among the ranks of "professors" at my alma mater.

That this professor has one single person supporting her in perpetuating these crimes on a 16-year old child is a sign of sickness and the culture of personal irresponsibility that has invaded the ranks of University of California, Santa Barbara community.

On UCSB Professor Pleads Not Guilty to Theft and Battery

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