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Posted on September 13 at 10:46 a.m.

What a loss for the WS Boys and Girls club. Bernard has been an dedicated loyal and wise asset to the club, he was a long term employee who has seen at least two generations grow up in the club and surronding area. He knows the families and takes pride in helping kids succeed. He has a heart of gold and his love for helping the youth can not be replaced. Once again a loss for the youth, a person who knows the history and knows families and not only knows the families but has helped and guided families. As the athletic director one is to question what will be left for the children, sports is a big part of the youth and can one person assist two clubs with the growing amount of children who present to the clubs on a daily basis. As a parent with children in the B&G Clubs I must question the decisions of Mike Rattray who lately have been making decisions that seem to be taking a loss from the clubs and their day to day operations. I see the immediate club staff working to keep the clubs operating and fundraising as if there is no "apparent" financial concerns, wonder if Mike is doing the same and has the same dedication as the club directors and all staff.

On Layoffs Hit Boys and Girls Clubs

Posted on March 8 at 7:41 a.m.

I am a west side resident and currently have my elementary aged son attending and have had my now teenage daughter attend the WS Club. Magda is one of the only resources left in town for us single parents who do not qualify for government assistance (childcare). The staff has worked with ALL kids of the community to ensure that they know once they are at the club they are "positive kids", they can be themselves and smile with out judgement being passed. To say that :gang member"
affiliated members are counseling our kids is INCORRECT, the affiliated teens are considered and welcomed at the club. these are "at positive youth and are part of the club as all kids are. They may be at sitting at the computers, they may be palying basket ball or watching TV with the kids but they are safe, out of trouble and one day they may be sharing an experience with any child who is on the verge of taking the wrong path. I would encourage anyone to drop in at the club, see the smiling faces of kids, teens and the staff. See how many kids (of all ages) are being and doing positive things. SB has little resources left for the kids, closing of the clubs could put more kids on the street after school, during school breaks!!!

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