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Posted on September 22 at 10:06 p.m.

Sounds like a great idea... but, I'm only tipping the organ grinder, if their monkey can ride a bicycle, and their parrot has a sense of humor.

On Bike Commute Numbers Spike

Posted on July 17 at 9:55 p.m.

"And more terrible still, was the likeness, was the magisterial certainty with which his physical peculiarities were all recorded and subtly exaggerated.
Private. Not to be opened. He had disobeyed the injunction; he had only got what he deserved.
And he had thought her a simple-minded, uncritical creature! It was he it seemed, who was the fool.
He felt no resentment towards Jenny. No, the distressing thing wasn't Jenny herself; it was she and the phenomenon of her red book represented, what they stood for and concretely symbolised. They represented all the vast conscious world of men outside himself; they symbolised something that in his studious solitariness he was apt not to believe in. He could stand at Piccadilly Circus, could watch the crowds shuffle past, and still imagine himself the one fully conscious, intelligent, individual being among all those thousands. It seem, somehow, impossible that other people should be in their way as elaborate and complete as he in his. Impossible; and yet, periodically he would make some painful discovery about the external world and the horrible reality of it's consciousness and its intelligence. The red notebook was one of these discoveries, a footprint in the sand. It put beyond a doubt the fact that the outer world really existed."
It is just deserving of it's depictions; all of them. However brutally honest the fool finds the impossibility of it to exist, they do. He doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.
Could it be, that in the midst of all his sound and full fury, came across a painting; to which he regarded as signifying nothing, and horrifyingly found that he grew a tail?
It doth take a town to raise an idiot,
thank you.

On <em>Specimen</em> at the Arts Fund Gallery

Posted on June 28 at 9:37 p.m.

Agree with Ken. Plenty of participants, no Disney dollars. Waking up To, ( is not a healthy morning mantra.
Zany told me he loves SB, but Walt put the kybosh on his admission pass. "Your name on a hat is not currency, my good friend."

On Are We Too ‘Normal’?

Posted on June 22 at 3:29 p.m.

I have no idea what this omnipotence would entail. There has not been a messenger to let me privy to what your objectives are. It is no big secret that I am in bad heath, and I am a bit reluctant, to whatever it might be. However, if there is an opportunity in this to realistic help the poor, and make right, to the people i've wronged, I may be inclined to participate.

On The 50th Anniversary of Aldous Huxley's UCSB Lecture Series

Posted on May 4 at 1:55 p.m.

Very cool. Strolling downtown, Barns or Boarders would usually be a stop. There are great bookstores, but downtown, is downtown; Wilhelm even said "the answer," was in that Petula Clark song. I don't know anything about that, but this bookstore could vary well turn out to be a nice addition to the community.
The support of local writers is fantastic. Lets face it, there are some interesting cats in our quaint little city. Some jump in cars and love the drive, but manage to always navigate their way back home. I asked this woman once about this stray that would wander around town. She said " yeah,(very casual like, chewing her bubble gum) that's just the stray."
I said to her, "but look at what beautifully round, intense, feral eyes it has."
She just said "yeah," while laughing. Smacking away at her chewing gum. Then blew a bubble...

On New Bookstore Opening Downtown

Posted on April 9 at 10:43 p.m.

For heavens sake, absolve this Wunderkind already. The man clearly stated he didn't do it, and I for one am completely to believe in this mans innocence. And i quote,
"I have never groped in my life. I have done hundreds of races in my career, and never once have i groped. Ever. And anyone who accuses me of groping is a liar."
May you strike deeds in S.B Peter. Good luck!

On The ABC's of Bike Racing

Posted on April 8 at 9:47 p.m.


On Tree Down at Douglas Preserve

Posted on February 16 at 12:32 p.m.

Quite. All one has to do is just reflect back to London,
and watch these women perform these amazing feats of strength. I mean, you have Marianne Vos, winning in nearly every world championship discipline on the bicycle. You have Womens Moto, You got Patrick racing NASCAR. How come women in SB, weren't on bikes, "in, like the nineties..., man, or earlier." Who failed on producing Chips, meets Charlie's Angels. ( i hope that didn't offend anyone, and we can still laugh in SB.)
I wish officer Keller the best of luck, and hope she becomes the presuppose, for more female Riders.
Perhaps, this could lead to a trend that could quite possibly lower the cities tensions; between the castles, the towners, bereaved, and the bereft; with The Force, that is. But then again, i might be sick from too much pie in the sky.....

On SBPD Graduates First Female Motorcycle Officer

Posted on January 9 at 3:27 p.m.

Long live Kenny Bostick.

On Birding While Biking

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