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Posted on July 1 at 12:21 p.m.

I am also so very sad to see this terrific store go the way of so many others in SB. My friends and I loved shopping at SBScrapbooks! We were always treated like queens by Barbara and her staff. Regarding the comment from flagr1, however, I do have something to add. I know that Barbara and her staff wanted everyone who visited the store to feel safe and especially those of us who stayed late for Friday Nite Scarpbook Night. I can say this because one time Barbara walked me out to my car because my group had left earlier. I really believe she treated her employees the same way but paying for their parking either on the roof or anywhere in the garage is a bit much to expect of any store owner. It's great if someone has a job where parking is included but I certainly did not consider or expect it from UCSB when I accepted a job there.
Good bye SBS. We love you!

On Santa Barbara Scrapbooks to Close Its Doors

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