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Posted on July 14 at 9:28 p.m.

Folks, enough name calling.

Those of us who want this project to be of the highest quality are not the minority. I am a developer myself and have more than once been "dragged over the coals" by a concerned and involved community.

There is a process here, and I will be heard along with every interested and effected party, perhaps not in this vulgar media screaming match, but in the public hearings and discussions intended to flush out both public opinion and issues of importance regarding proposed development.

As for you who insist on blindly supporting a project merely because your perceive it as your only chance to preserve an inherited lifestyle, and see every thoughtful, legal, and measured response to that project as a threat, I'm sorry. Surf's up.

PS: I have total confidence in the County staff and our elected representatives to weigh each and every aspect of this complicated development and to work with the developer, Mr. Caruso, to create a project from which both he and the community will reap profits from for years to come.

On Miramar Hotel Emails Raise Questions

Posted on July 14 at 9:42 a.m.

99% of the locals support the Caruso plan as it exists today? BS. I am a public opponent of the project as it's currently designed and I live well within a mile of the project.

I don't care about your specific property values, or the existing eyesore. I care about the property being developed in the best possible way, with as little negative environmental and aesthetic impacts as possible.

If you didn't live next door, and hadn't let the snake charm you, you'd care more about the details of the project and less about inconveniencing a sophisticated businessperson who clearly sees the community's desire to maintain its high levels of environmental scrutiny as a cost of doing business. There is no rush.

If the existing condition of the Miramar, hidden behind walls, bothers you so much, ask Mr. Caruso to clean the site.

Further, I resent having my point of view, and that of MY neighbors, characterized as "tyranny." You fear that opponents of the project (in its current form) are "shadowy" and hire "out of town lawyers" ostensibly to harass your beloved "out of town developer." I have no problem with Mr. Caruso, nor with a hotel project being built at the old Miramar property as long as it is not too big, too tall, and doesn't create new or exacerbate existing environmental problems.

I have written letters of concern to the appropriate agencies and I will appear at hearings. If I believe there is cause, I will hire legal counsel, from here or "out of town" to represent my interests. I have standing in this matter both legally, because of the proximity of my residence to the development, and as a member of this community who could potentially suffer from environmental impacts which could and should be mitigated. That is your right and Mr. Caruso's right as well.

Open your mind, and your ears Mr. Huglin. Ranting that well meaning opposition to certain aspects of the project is tyranny of the minority is neither persuasive nor accurate, and does nothing more than eloquently illuminate your obvious self interest.

This is a very large project in a very sensitive location. We should be grateful that the enormous value and potential profits of the development justify the highest levels of diligence on the part of the developer and the community.

On Miramar Hotel Emails Raise Questions

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