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Posted on February 24 at 1:39 p.m.

Best read of the day!

On Show-Offs

Posted on February 14 at 5:39 p.m.

Beautifully written, heartfelt tribute to Glenn Parks. He didn't believe in prayer... but that will put a big smile on his face if he's wrong.. and it's got to be pleasing to his family and friends. I moved here in 1979 and began my avocado ranch in Toro Canyon. I didn't know Glenn, but knew the name in connection with avocodo farming very well. The man that helped me so diligently to find 'cado land was Hermann Farnum.. and I recall his piece of land and mobile home in Las Varas canyon. Hermann bought me and my Dad many a meal up here in our quest to find land, but it was Ruth Wilson, who ultimately connected me to 200 acres at the upper end of Toro Canyon. I enjoyed my 25 years of 'cado farming.. but can't claim near the depth of experience Glenn had. Thanks for sharing Glenn's colorful, satisfying story.

On Glenn Parks: 1921-2013

Posted on July 15 at 2:19 p.m.

Beautiful tribute to your Mom, Leslie Lembo. Thanks for including the nice e mail your Mom's friend sent you. Wishing you well, Steve

On Sadnah Lembo: 1939-2012

Posted on July 15 at 2:09 p.m.

Amusing, educational, well written piece. Way to go, Randy!

On My Little Parrot

Posted on May 20 at 6:55 p.m.

I thought it was a pretty good recap. And not one mention of how it was all W's fault.

On Thrown to the Dogs

Posted on May 20 at 6:37 p.m.

Jim, that's among the finest tributes ever written. I'm sorry your Dad has passed. But for all his prowess, my Dad can still beat up your Dad. Wherever they may be......their son's love and humor endures.

On Hal Kornell: 1919-2011

Posted on September 7 at 8 p.m.

Yo, Angry Poodle: Nice expose on public pensions. Let's hope something is done about this and other government extravagances before your SS retirement goal post is moved far beyond age 66. self sufficient..don't depend on anything the government promises.

On Is There Life After Dog?

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