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Posted on June 6 at 12:04 p.m.

Did this test involve just the ocean near creeks at each beach, or the sand too? I know it's rare, but that flesh eating strep thing is freaky ( in the sand not the water).

On Beach Sampling Results, June 4th

Posted on February 19 at 6:20 p.m.

I doubt "whatsername" is one of the trustees. Her post expresses the viewpoint of most SBCC faculty members that I know. Most people want to focus on their teaching and move on, though a few obviously would like to stay mired in this conflict. I can't understand that.
What, by the way, is the "downward spiral of SBCC"? If you are talking about the budget crisis faced by every school in the state, okay, yes it has been a struggle. However, on the positive side, we just got a 5 million dollar grant, and we also were nominated for a prestigious national prize (we were the only California community college among the nominees.) Everyone I know at SBCC is working hard to help their students succeed. Instead of bashing us, I hope the community will wish us luck in finding the leader who will best support SBCC's mission.

On SBCC Trustees Chided

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