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Posted on March 16 at 6:44 a.m.

Overall, I thought your article was well-written, except for a few minor errors. For example, Armenia has not recognized NKR as an independent state. No nation has.

Unfortunately, I feel that Mr. Suleymanov used you as an opportunity to cast Armenia in an unfair manner. First of all, both Armenians and Azeris were displaced by the war. Many Armenians were forced out of NKR and moved to Armenia due to the violence. It was not as one sided as the Consul General implies.

Also, to imply that Armenia is not proactive in the region is false. Armenia has relations with Georgia and Iran. The lack of diplomacy with Azerbaijan and Turkey I think is justified due to the crippling blockade that is currently being imposed by these two countries on Armenia's borders.

It is also hard to reconcile Mr. Suleymanov's suggestion that his government desires a peaceful resolution with Armenia with the several speeches made by the president of Azerbaijan that suggest his government is ready to take back NKR by military force.

Despite Mr. Suleymanov's report of the 2008 elections in Azerbaijan, I don't believe much has changed from your assessment in 2004 of the state of democracy there. The current leader of the country is the son of the previous leader. Their oil wealth has enabled them to suppress any opposition and it is a shame that this oil wealth isn't used more for the benefit of Azeri citizens.

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