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Posted on January 21 at 8:58 p.m.

First of all, it's not $10-20. A BLT is $12 and many items were over $25.

I've been in Santa Barbara since 1984 and have been to Moby Dick many times, every time I'm brought there I think, "Now why is it that I don't like this place?" Note that I said, "Brought" for I would never choose to go here. Then they bring cheesy, plastic Coca-cola cups with water to the table while the bus boy nearly pokes my eye out with the silverware that should have been there before we arrived. While the staff speaks to each other in a foreign tongue.

The pre-breaded, pre-frozen fish and chips are poor quality, the "Clam strips" are slices of "Giant clam" and not small, tasty clams, and the Oysters Rockefeller were so smothered in bacon that they lost all flavor (except the bacon) The Hornito's margarita that I ordered was pathetically weak and I'm not a big drinker!!

It is such a shame, and yet so typical, for a restaurant out on a pier with seafood all around to have such poor seafood, fair service, and high prices.

Right next door is the Harbor Restaurant which is awesome. See, it is possible to place a great restaurant in a touristy location.

In summary: overpriced for the quality of food. Beautiful view.

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