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Posted on August 2 at 7:13 a.m.

Thank you for the truth. There has been an airport there for eighty years. There is a colorfull history of people that have directly advanced flight, the industry and local promanance. However they were not the darling of the lawyers.

On Name It Santa Barbara Airport

Posted on June 14 at 12:45 p.m.

From Mitchum's letter lording it over Maldonado that candidate’s party affiliation will be noted on the ballot so the unknowing Latino’s won’t vote for Abel and according to Mitchum will vote for Capps while Republicans will vote for this latest I wont endorse Abel because we are different Republicans shows his political immaturity and I was cortrect in not supporting him

On Young-Gunning the 24th District

Posted on October 19 at 9:50 a.m.

The Santa Barbara Youth Symphony has provided weekly after school music workshops for all of the Goleta elementary schools, Santa Barbara Charter School, Goleta Valley Jr. High School, Santa Barbara Jr. High School, Santa Barbara High School, Dos Pueblos High School and Santa Barbara Academy for over 400 string players , a Junior String Orchestra , Chamber Strings for the more advanced and ultimately the 70 member youth symphony. Over 4000 young have matriculated through the program.

Already the previous efforts have been cut back to pay for the new professionals. The youth symphony will never again achieve its former capability in serving our young as it is now being used by the symphony for its benefit.

On Consolidating Symphonies

Posted on September 29 at 12:25 a.m.

Why is she running?
For the most part her letter is typical politics to scare voters to her side. Her statement on providing oversight and transparency on fiscal issues and the costly plant upgrade , which she alludes are not there, are the standard comments for this season. The plant upgrade involves three sanitary districts. City of Goleta, County even the coastal commission so there is plenty of oversight. The plant upgrades are standard state requirements so the cost are open bid, contracted for and divided among the three districts. Past action.
The third reason is the most plausible, as Vice President of the Coalition for Sensible planning (Unincorporated area of Goleta Valley) she can continue her advocacy for infrastructure developement in Goleta Valley. Perhaps use the "can and will serve" as threats to get what the Coalition wants. The infrastructure is for the unincorporated area as the City of Goleta takes care of its own.
Personaly I don't what someone on the Sanitary board who is more concerned with other issues not related to the districts mission.

On Why She's Running

Posted on May 21 at 6:59 a.m.

Independent wants 3rd district Dependent

Das Williams in a letter to his public states;" It is absolutely urgent to elect Doreen Farr in the 3rd District. Her serious opponent, David Smyser, has already vowed that if elected he will try to redistrict Santa Barbara County so that Isla Vista will be in the 2rd District, rather than the present 3rd District. This would virtually guarantee that no environmental majority could ever be seated on the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors."

When I look at the endorsements for Ms. Farr I don't recognize them as avid environmentalist as much as avid partisan politics wanting to regain control of the county to control redistricting and take us back to the old days which almost split the county. I also don't recall Mr. Smyser's statment as a vow but more of an observation in a different context. As far as IV, it may be better served if part of 2nd district. We in the 3rd district would not be.

I believe we will be better served with Mr. Smyser to keep us independent.

On Adult Supervision

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