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Posted on September 21 at 3:46 p.m.

First, I would like to say "Good Job" to all those who are actually doing the work in our community, you have succeeded in reducing crime by your diverse efforts. Then, I would like to say "Shame on you" to those who would seek to diminish the real efforts by bringing up old stuff to take the focus off their "fake un-united" efforts.

It seems the real reason the article was written was to show the apparent "Juvenile Crime Drop" not a forum to degrade those who have turned their lives around and are being effective in helping others. It is even stranger that an organization that calls itself "SBUnited..." would be the very one who speaks to divide the efforts in our community and has the nerve to say "it takes a village".

I am floored by how off-topic we can get in our efforts to make others look worst than ourselves. If I needed to get out of something that was harmful to me (selling drugs, weapons, etc..) I would look to someone who has succeeded in getting out of trouble themselves. Justice means, I paid the price for my actions "once", SBunUnitedNOT4justice looks like those who are pushing for a gang injunction, an injunction that seeks to punish those who no longer commit crimes, but are being punished for their past activities, that were already "justly" paid for in our real justice system.

Let's continue to remain focused on the task at hand, not fight amongst ourselves. Speak to the issue, "Drop In Juvenile Crime" Accept the success, be positive when looking at others, because it does take a village, but no village idiots are allowed, please.

I personally know the director of Palabra and if their are any "real" charges then he would be in court or jail. This sounds like slander and defamation of character. I hope he doesn't bring actual, current charges against the SBunUnited folks.

On Juvenile Crime Dropping

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