Notes From the Inside

One day after her stirring speech, Sen. Hillary Clinton put an end to the drama, in the most dramatic of fashions.

As is the custom at Conventions, roll call is taken as to how states' delegates are divided among candidates. Most years it is merely a procedural thing. But given the close primary race this year, and the steadfast support amongst Clinton's people, there wasn't no positivity in how the nomination would play out.

State by state, in alphabetical order, listed the number of delegates for Clinton, and then the number for "the next President of the United States," Sen. Barack Obama. But when it got to New Mexico, they ceded their votes to Illinois, Obama's home state. Illinois did the same to New York. When that happened, Clinton made her way to her state's delegation, and made a motion to suspend the counting, and by acclamation pronounce Obama as the 2008 candidate of the Democratic Party for President of the United States. It was a moment that gave me chills, and after the entire 20,000 some people in the Pepsi Center seconded the motion, the crowd broke into dancing and celebration, as the house band started playing "Love Train."

It was one of the coolest things I've ever witnessed in person, and though I didn't cry, emotions were running high and many people did.

Also cool was meeting former chief advisor to President Bush Dan Bartlett, who is a colleague of my aunt and commentator for CBS News here in Denver. He told my aunt and I that only one person had given him trouble for being there, a lot less than he anticipated tonight. He also told us he's not headed to any parties tonight, but instead grabbing a drink with Tom Brokaw.

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