Saint Anne’s Place


Genres: Blues, Psychedelic, Rock

Sound description: Hard-hitting soulful swagger

RIYL: The Black Keys, White Stripes, M. Ward

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Saint Anne’s Place formed in August of 2008. The original line-up consisted of Jacob Cole, Samuel Cole, JT Wild, and Clive Hacker. With a common love for heavy beats and melodic moods, they started to carve out a sound that was both aggressive and calming, shifting through sonic fabric with reckless abandon. But not long thereafter, college and “real-life” happened, band members moved on, and Saint Anne’s Place was indefinitely thrown in the slow-cooker. With cousin Joel Martin taking the reigns as bassist in April of 2010, brother’s Jacob and Samuel Cole reformed with a stronger focus and Saint Anne’s Place was born again. The band’s first EP, Speak Easy, was recorded at Certain Sparks Recording Studio in Lompoc and was released April of this year.

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2008, Lompoc, CA


Samuel Lightning Hopkins, Johnny Cash, Lonnie Johnson

Current status

Saint Anne's Place is currently playing many shows in both Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, including venues such as Cold Spring Tavern, The Paradise Store, The Frog & Peach, and just about any place people are willing to hear some groovy tunes. The band will also be headlining the Santa Barbara County Local Fest October 1 in Ken Adam Park. Their EP, Speak Easy, is now available on iTunes.

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