Openly Corrupt

It is our duty as citizens to reclaim our country from corporate interests that have swallowed us whole, and start changing the conversations of the public. The arguments typically associated with left/right separation are for the most part unrelated to government. By driving wedges between people based on “moral” arguments (gay marriage, abortion) or monetary arguments (tax the wealthy, save the middle class), these corporate interests have gained more and more subsidies, legal protections, and most importantly, control of our government. We as citizens need to wake up and educate ourselves to the horrors and truths of lobbyists and Congress.

While Americans are arguing with each other over flag burning, the religious implications of the pledge of allegiance or whatever the current argument is, corporations pay the lowest tax rates overall, enjoy record profits, or, in the event they fail, huge cash bailouts. Obama’s financial policies are 85 percent Bush’s, and as hard as that is to digest, it is the sobering truth.

The Constitution was eroded by the PATRIOT Act, the drug war extracts a huge human and monetary toll, prisons are now for profit, and CEOs get their million-dollar bonuses as workers are laid off and the company loses money. The right says it is the fault of the liberals, the left blames the conservatives, meanwhile we are fighting two wars with no end or rational point, while Congress and the White House are openly displaying their corruption. - Xavier Loza

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